Hot Toys Review | Hunter (Star Wars: The Bad Batch)

“Hunter is a great figure with an amazing headsculpt. It will be a great addition to your The Bad Batch collection.”

We are almost at the end of the second season of The Bad Batch, so it seems fitting to have another member of Clone Force 99 join the ranks of Hot Toys. Hunter is now available at Sideshow Collectibles. But is it worth adding to your collection? Let’s find out.

Hot Toys Hunter - The Bad Batch


It is a Star Wars figure so you get the usual Star Wars collectibles box. Which means it’s a black box with a promotional picture of the figure and the Star Wars logo. The colored strip on the box is red for the figures from The Bad Batch.

He has most of the usual accessories you expect from a clone trooper. I am just disappointed with the number of hands, there are no fist hands. In fact, he only has six hands – two open hands, two hands to hold the blasters, one hand to hold the vibro knife, and one pointing finger hand. Then, the display base is your usual Star Wars interior base and just like Echo you have the option to put a printed piece of plastic on it. It’s his helmet and the name of the series. I’ll display the base just the way it is.

On the weapons side, he comes with exactly what’s needed – a DC-17 hand blaster, a vibro knife, two thermal detonators, one full and one half, and finally a DC-17 m interchangeable weapon system. It is the blaster Commando clones use and it is the first time we get that weapon with a Hot Toys figure. This one is nicely sculpted with a bit of weathering. Finally, he has a backpack, as usual, this type of accessory works with a magnet. It’s not too heavy which is a good thing for the figure’s balance if you want to get an action pose. 


Hot Toys Hunter - The Bad Batch

Like Echo, Hot Toys has done a great job translating the animated armor into a live-action look. There is a lot of weathering on the armor, especially on the colored marks, it gives the figure a veteran vibe that I love! And as usual with clone troopers, you have a fabric undersuit which means you can go all in with the poses.

The feet and the shinbone piece of armor are separated which means you have feet articulation and the knee armor is its piece which gives you a greater articulation range. You can adjust the knee piece depending on the pose you give to your figure. The blaster pistol sits a bit lose on the holster, it can easily fall or be removed. The holster itself easily moves. They should have found a way to make it stable. So I will just say that when you move the figure make sure the blaster doesn’t fall without you noticing.

The knife easily fits in its sheath and doesn’t limit the arm’s articulation in any way, so that’s great. For better articulation range, you can adjust the shoulder pads and the other armor pieces. This is what I love with Stormtroopers and clone troopers, Hot Toys makes sure you have the best articulation range to get action poses.

Moreover, I love Hunter’s helmet, the overall shape is reminiscent of Commando Clones but the front is inspired by Phase two helmets. It is a great mix. The weathering on this helmet is simply on point.


Hot Toys Hunter - The Bad Batch

As for the headsculpt, it is an amazing one. You have the usual Temuera Morrison likeness but with the haircut and tattoos of Hunter. Undoubtedly, the look is a reference to Rambo and it looks glorious in live-action! The head and the neck are two separate pieces so this means you get a wider articulation range. However, because of the haircut, it is still limited. He can look up and look on each side but he can’t look up.


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Hunter is a great figure with an amazing headsculpt. It will be a great addition to your The Bad Batch collection.

The Hot Toys Hunter is distributed by Sideshow Collectibles in Europe and the United States! 


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