Kyoto Animation unveils the visuals for the second volume of Tsurune season 2 on blu-ray and DVD!

Recently, Kyoto Animation had announced the release of the second season of Tsurune on blu-ray and DVD in Japan. With that announcement, they had unveiled the visuals for the first volume.  Yesterday, they have unveiled the visuals of the second volume. The first volume features the Kazemai team while the second volume features the Kirisaki team with a focus on Shu and the twins.

Unlike the first volume, this one only includes 4 episodes (episode 6 to 9). It will release on April 19. The blu-ray first press costs 14,300 Yen, the blu-ray and DVD editions cost 12,100 Yen. Both editions come with a digipack and the episodes are contained in one disc for the blu-ray. It also includes a special booklet, a sticker, a poetry photo card (Shu) and a priority ticket for the ticket sale of the Tsurune event on September 3rd. That event will take place in Tokyo at Nakano (not Nagano, the town of the series). Plus, if you get the first press edition, you will receive a rubber strap bracelet of the Kirisaki Kyudo outfit.

On the bonus feature side, there is the usual audio commentary for each episode.


SOURCE: Official Site

Tsurune season 2 is now streaming on HIDIVE. Season 1 is also streaming on Crunchyroll.

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