Enjoy Your First Listen to Benjamin Wallfisch's Bombastic Soundtrack for The Flash

In anticipation of its upcoming theatrical release, Watertower Music has released a preview of the soundtrack composed by Benjamin Wallfisch for The Flash.

With just weeks until the big screen release of DC’s The Flash, Watertower Music has dropped our first listen to Benjamin Wallfisch’s highly anticipated soundtrack. The long-gestating DC bonanza has taken its time to make it to the screen. But with Barry Allen racing headlong into the Speed Force and crossing paths with Michael Keaton’s Batman, DC fans are looking forward to what is a shoo-in to be one of the best DC movies to date.

The Flash

With Michael Keaton returning to the DC Universe for the first time in well over three decades, fans are hoping for a suitably bombastic score. And thankfully, Wallfisch has risen to the challenge. The composer has been cataloging his musical journey across his socials and his videos have featured some incredible cues. Many of which have featured explosive blasts of Danny Elfman’s uber-iconic theme.

But can he compose the definitive score that will end up becoming our soundtrack to the summer? I truly believe he has. And if there was any doubt, the first two tracks from the score have been released for our listening pleasure. Neither contains Elfman’s Batman theme, but these tracks offer a window into the symphonic adventure that awaits us. Scroll down and listen for yourself.





Kudos to Benjamin Wallfisch for producing what is already my most anticipated soundtrack of the year. Even displacing John Williams’ score for Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny. Yes, it’s that good. What Wallfisch has produced here is a nostalgic walk down memory lane that has awakened my eleven-year-old self who dodged in to see Keaton’s first outing on the big screen.

His treatment of Danny Elfman’s iconic theme instantly triggers an emotional response that will resonate with fans everywhere. And when coupled with the suitably bombastic themes at play throughout “Worlds Collide” and “Run,” I think it’s safe to assume that the composer has hit a solid home run here. And I cannot wait to explore its symphonic brilliance on the big screen.

Mark the date in your calendar because The Flash, accompanied by Wallfisch‘s incredible soundtrack speeds into U.K. cinemas on June 8th.

Are you a fan of Wallfisch’s incredible score for The Flash? Has the contemporary polish on Elfman’s theme hit you right in the feels? Sound off below. We’d love to hear from you.







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