This Week In Star Wars: Celebrating Carrie Frances Fisher on the Walk of Fame

Welcome to our weekly news update from the galaxy far, far away. Join Kristin Baver as she highlights the important talking points in This Week In Star Wars.

It’s time for our weekly news update from the galaxy far, far away. And Kristin Baver is on hand to talk us through all the big talking points This Week In Star Wars. And this week, everything is dedicated to the memory of our beloved Carrie Fisher. From the posthumous Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony to Mark Hamill stopping by for a walk down memory lane, our beloved Princess is front and center. So without further ado, strap yourself in, jump to lightspeed, and explore all the big talking points of the past seven days. Force style!


This week in Star Wars, we celebrate Carrie Fisher’s Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony with Mark Hamill and Billie Lourd, plus share some of your Carrie memories.

The loss of our unconquerable Carrie Fisher is still as raw today as it was the day she passed. But the love and admiration from the fanbase has never wavered. Carrie was beloved for her no-nonsense attitude. And no matter how high she soared, or how low she fell, we all adored her without question. And she is forever missed. Feel free to explore my heartfelt farewell that was written just days after her tragic passing.


Please share your love, admiration, and memories of our beloved Princess below. We’d love to hear your stories.

Kristin Baver’s fun weekly roundup is released weekly every Thursday. So be sure to check back next week for the latest installment! Until then, have a fabulous week, and may the force be with you!







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