The Disney Decades Collection Leaps Into the 1940's

Darcie is embarking on a magical journey through Disney with the latest addition – the Disney Decades 1940s Collection.

It’s time to look back on another decade of Disney history with the Disney 100 Decades Collection. This month we are delving into the 1940s. The 1940s saw the release of the classic Dumbo among other titles. We have 4 new items to collect: A pair of Ears, A Loungefly bag, a pin badge, and a  set of plush toys. So, Let’s take a little look at the items on offer.

First, we have the Three Caballeros ears. This festive headband features an embroidered design, showcasing Jose Carioca and Panchito surrounded by a beautiful floral pattern. The Bow is centered around the most famous duck on the planet: Donald Duck. These ears are the perfect celebration of sometimes forgotten Three Caballeros. These ears like the others in this collection are priced at £30.00 and the Silver Disney 100 Plaque.

The Disney Decades Collection Leaps Into the 1940's


Onto the Loungefly which is a celebration of in my opinion the scariest Disney animated film ever made: Pinocchio. The bag features Pinocchio with his signature hat and bowtie. The bag features a pair of fluffy donkey ears and on the back, there is even a detachable tail. Also on the back is Jiminy Cricket. This really is a stunning bag, full of details and style. Despite the scary nature of Pinocchio, this backpack is rather cute.

The Scrooge McDuck pin badge celebrates the first appearance of Donald Duck’s wealthy uncle in 1947 – in the comic book; Christmas on Bear Mountain. This pin features Scrooge’s golden bank but opens up to reveal two images of Scrooge McDuck: him in his two most common emotions – angry and in awe of his gold.

Scrooge McDuck Disney100 Decades Pin


The final item is a set of five plush toys: Peter Pegasus and his family. From the Elysian Fields to Mount Olympus, our family of five baby pegasuses – as seen in Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony segment of Fantasia – whisk your imagination away on a flight of pure fantasy. These soft toys feature soft wings, embroidered features, furry manes, and tails. The bold colors are eye-catching and the variety of facial expressions means each pony has its own personality. These are priced at £58.00 and come in a celebration bag for safekeeping.

Peter Pegasus and Family Fantasia Disney100 Decades Small Soft Toy Set

Another great collection that celebrates Disney’s wonderful history, shining light on projects of varying levels of popularity. Next month we celebrate the 1950s – and I am sure that collection will be equally as wonderful. Explore the entire collection here.

Will you be adding any of these glorious new releases to your collection? Sound off in the comments section below.





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