October 3, 2023
Kraven The Hunter Header

His Hunt Starts this October. Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Ariana DeBose, and Russell Crowe star in Sony Pictures/ Marvel Entertainment’s Kraven The Hunter.

Finally, after being considered to appear in a movie for some time, this October will see the debut of Kraven The Hunter. The film, based on the Marvel character of the same name stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Sergei Kravinoff / Kraven the Hunter, a big game hunter who becomes one of Spider-Man’s biggest enemies. The film is the fourth in Sony Pictures’ Spider-Man universe (SSU). Oscar-winning actress Ariana DeBose co-stars as Calypso, a voodoo priestess and Kraven’s love interest. Russell Crowe also appears as Kraven’s father while Alessandro Nivola plays The Rhino, another classic villain from the Spider-Man comics.

Today marks the release of the initial trailer and poster for the film. Take note, the trailer is only accessible in a Red Band edition. It contains scenes that are certainly not for everyone, with blood and violence from the outset.



Kraven The Hunter Poster

It’s essential to keep in mind that villains aren’t born, they’re made. And the hunt starts this October in cinemas.

What do you think of the trailer? Are you excited for the film? What are you hoping for? Are you a fan of the character? Hunt down to the comments section to let us know. We are always happy to hear from you.

Source: Sony Pictures Entertainment

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