September 22, 2023
The Ray Harryhausen Awards 2023 Ceremony to Conclude with a 2K screening of Jason and the Argonauts

The Ray Harryhausen Awards will crown their winners on June 29th and will boast a screening of Ray’s all-time 1963 classic in a stunning 2K transfer!

The winners of the second annual Ray Harryhausen Awards will be announced on June 29th. Filmmakers young and old have come from far and wide to submit their work for consideration. And now, after some serious scrutiny from the Gods of Olympus, the winners are about to be crowned. Those lucky enough to take home one of the prestigious statues will be unveiled at a special ceremony taking place at the Cameo Cinema in Edinburgh. What’s more, the event will culminate with a special 2K screening of the 1963 classic Jason and the Argonauts to celebrate the film’s 60th anniversary.

The Ray Harryhausen Awards Logo


Last year’s awards were phenomenal and saw some incredible films and techniques crowned in their respective fields. And this year’s slate promises to be bigger than the Cyclops! The following categories will be rewarded with one of the newly sculpted awards.

  • Best Feature Film Animation
  • Best Short Film Animation
  • Best Student Film Animation
  • Best Children’s Film Animation
  • Harryhausen Hall of Fame Award


Ray’s daughter, Vanessa Harryhausen said of the awards Dad always recognized the strong educational aspect of his work. I hope that these awards will encourage a new generation of animators to be inspired and follow their own dreams.” 

Trustee of the Foundation and friend of the site John Walsh added: Ray Harryhausen’s influence on cinema past and present is truly titanic. I devised these awards in Ray’s name to recognize new standards of excellence in the growing field of animation.

Vanessa Harryhausen


Diana Harryhausen Foundation is a charitable Trust set up by Ray on the 10th April 1986. It is the primary aim of the Foundation to protect Ray’s name and body of work as well as archiving, preserving and restoring Ray’s extensive collection.


Ray’s centenary year was a joy to behold. Thanks, in part to the Ray Harryhausen Titan Of Cinema exhibition at the National Gallery; which has now sadly closed its doors for the last time. But the event was an absolute triumph. If you missed it, you can get some wonderful insights into the exhibition thanks to Vanessa’s book – Ray Harryhausen: Titan Of Cinema which you can order here.

The date also marks Ray Harryhausen’s birthday. And it promises to be a wonderful celebration of his legacy and ongoing influence on contemporary animators. We’ll be bringing you all the latest news from the awards throughout the year. So sign up for our newsletter and never miss a story from Future of the Force. The Children of the Hydra’s Teeth demand no less.

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