September 22, 2023

Superpowered: The DC Story is the ultimate documentary for DC fans. It takes a fascinating look at the history of DC and its everlasting legacy. “

Superpowered: The DC Story is a 3-part documentary about the enduring and influential legacy of DC. Directed by Leslie Iwerks and Mark Catalena, this docuseries features an impressive number of interviews from creators, actors and executives. Each episode is around 50-minute long. The series starts streaming July 20 on Max.


Undoubtedly, this docuseries gives us an unprecedented look at the history of DC and its legacy. It takes us over 80 years of storytelling, it covers everything from the comics to the films and series. I love watching documentaries, the making of films and series. I am always interested in seeing the behind the scenes. So, as a lifelong fan of DC Comics, I’ve been waiting for something like this. I think anyone who was born before the beginning of the MCU, has grown up with some of the series or films from DC. Everybody knows Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. They are iconic characters. Whether you are a big fan of this universe or simply a casual viewer, I recommend watching this docuseries. You will definitely learn something.

On top of that, Superpowered is narrated by the talented Rosario Dawson. She has worked several times with DC, voicing Wonder Woman in DCU animated films. Her serene voice makes everything better. Moreover, each episode is filled with interviews (new and archival), footage from the films and series, archive footage of DC publishing and events. Leslie Iwerks and Mark Catalena have done an intensive work to gather all of this footage for this documentary. It is a monumental work.

I love that the interviews gather people from all sides of DC – actors, directors, executives, artists, writers. They all have something to share about their bond with this company and its characters. The people being interviewed includes Greg Berlanti, Gal Gadot, Lynda Carter, Patty Jenkins, Mark Waid, Matt Reeves, Robert Pattinson, Kaley Cuoco, Alex Ross, Margot Robbie, Jim Lee, Gene Luen Yang, Dwayne Johnson, Damon Lindelof, Regina King, Christopher Nolan, Jason Momoa, James Gunn among many others.


Successes are important to talk about. They have done incredible things through the years. Superheroes wouldn’t have their place among pop culture without DC. But, talking about the struggles is just as interesting because it helps you understand how DC overcame its troubles and where it is today. Being this powerhouse didn’t happen in one day. There have been a lot of ups and downs throughout the years. DC has had to reinvent itself several times. Through their failures, they have been able to learn and get back up.

This series also tackles the rivalry between Marvel and DC. This is something I appreciate seeing. I have often watched documentaries about Marvel but they never mention DC, which is a shame. Their stories are intertwined. Firstly, comics writers and artists have often worked with both companies. Secondly, Marvel and DC have inspired each other to step up their game. This rivalry is an essential part of the history of both companies.


Furthermore, the most interesting part of this documentary for me is how DC has been influenced by worldwide history. And this started right during World War II at the beginnings of the company. Comics have always been political. DC has changed through the years with the evolution of society. DC Comics has stayed relevant all these years because of that. You can feel this evolution when you read comics from different decades. Plus, bringing in people from different backgrounds helped shaping what these iconic characters are today.


Superpowered: The DC Story is the ultimate documentary for DC fans. It takes a fascinating look at the history of DC and its everlasting legacy. Filled with interviews and archival footage, it’s a joy to watch and learn more about how this company and its iconic characters evolved through the years. Plus, it’s narrated by the talented Rosario Dawson!

Superpowered: The DC Story starts streaming on Max July 20.

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