October 4, 2023
Hot Toys Review | Moon Knight

Moon Knight is undoubtedly one of the best-looking figures from Hot Toys. It is a work of art, the only thing missing is an Oscar Isaac headsculpt.

Moon Knight is the latest Marvel figure to be released by Hot Toys. It only took a year for this figure to be released, which is not something you see happening every day. This can be explained by the lack of Oscar Isaac headsculpt. I really loved the series so I am glad that the figure of the title character is finally here! But does the figure capture the essence of the character from the Disney Plus series?


The box has an impressive design. They recreated the chest piece of Moon Knight’s costume at the center. You can move the big circle, which is cool. It is nicely detailed with a lot of Egyptian hieroglyphs both on the chest piece and the sides. The bottom also features a promotional drawing of the character. And that’s not over, when you remove the first part of the box, there is a nice Egyptian-styled drawing of Moon Knight with more hieroglyphs. This doesn’t get any better. Hot Toys outdid themselves with this box.

I think that deep down, everyone was hoping for a surprise headsculpt reveal when this figure was released as Hot Toys did with Mysterio. However, this isn’t happening. There is no headsculpt of Oscar Isaac with Moon Knight. Honestly, it is quite disappointing. We didn’t get a Poe Dameron figure, which I still don’t understand why. But here, they had another opportunity to give us an Oscar headsculpt and they missed it. Nevertheless, this figure comes with a good amount of accessories!

Hot Toys Moon Knight


The display base is way too big for a figure like Moon Knight. It takes too much space in a display for a normal-sized figure. Apart from that, the design is nice with a crescent moon emblem. The stand is a dynamic one so be careful with that. I’ll drop a link to my video on how to avoid damaging your figure with dynamic stands in the description down below. You can also attach this huge backdrop crescent moon on the stand. It’s made of polystyrene. Honestly, I don’t see the need for that. It looks kind of cool though. But in hands, it mostly feels cheap. I’m not going to use it for my display, same for the base. I am going to use the Scout Trooper display base from The Mandalorian. This way, it won’t take up too much space and it does fit for Moon Knight, it is a sandy environment.

Then, he comes with ten hands, this is a pretty good amount of interchangeable hands! He has two fist hands, two open hands, two gesture hands, two hands to hold the crescent blades, and two hands to throw the crescent blades. Finally, there are eight crescent moon blades. There are two large blades to hold, three medium and three small blades to throw. They each have nice details with Egyptian hieroglyphs sculpted on them.

Hot Toys Moon Knight


This is without any doubt one of the best-looking figures from Hot Toys, on the Marvel side. It doesn’t even look like a figure. It looks like an actual miniature version of the Moon Knight costume. This is how good it looks. I’m impressed with what Hot Toys did. A big round of applause for them.

Moon Knight’s costume is a complex one with a lot of details. There are hieroglyphs on the chest, the legs, and even on the cape. On top of that, they used different textures of fabric and plastic to recreate all the layers of the costume. For the mummy bandages, they used a heavier type of fabric which feels good on the touch. While they went full plastic for the chest piece. I think this was the right choice for the chest piece. With all the bandages around the armor piece, it would have been difficult to keep them all in place.


They also made this choice for the hood and the mask. They sculpted them beautifully, it looks great in hand. The choice of plastic for the hood may seem odd but have you seen that hood? Plastic was the only way to have it in this position at all times. Even with wires, a fabric hood wouldn’t have been able to be placed like that and always stay like that. There is a LED light-up function for the eyes which is the cherry on the cake. It looks even more real! This works with batteries.

And the cape, we need to talk about the cape! There are four wires inside, that’s a lot! This allows the best of poses. Hot Toys did something amazing with this one! They inserted the wires in a way that doesn’t look ugly because, with four wires, it could have looked bad. But not here. It looks great! The exterior of the cape has a rough texture while the interior is soft and features a lot of hieroglyphs. It is highly detailed, I love everything about this figure! The only thing missing is the Oscar Isaac headsculpt.



Moon Knight is undoubtedly one of the best-looking figures from Hot Toys. It is a work of art, the only thing missing is an Oscar Isaac headsculpt.

Sideshow Collectibles distribute the Hot Toys Moon Knight in Europe and the United States!

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