September 21, 2023

Heartstopper season 2 is even better than season 1. It continues to be this incredibly sweet and wholesome series celebrating queerness while also being more mature.”

After a successful first season that was undoubtedly one of the best series from last year, Heartstopper is back for a second season. I made a post last year about how important this series is, you can read it here. So, as you can guess I was very much excited for season 2. This new season is once again composed of 8 episodes of around 30 minutes each. All the episodes release on August 3 on Netflix.

Heartstopper, Credit: Netflix / Samuel Dore


Season 1 ended with Nick Nelson (Kit Connor) coming out as bisexual to his mother (Olivia Colman) and officially becoming a couple with Charlie Spring (Joe Locke). It was a powerful and uplifting ending while also leaving the story with a lot more to explore. Season 2 picks up on where we left off and Alice Oseman continues to bring to life her amazing comics.

In fact, season 2 is even better than the first season. It continues to be this incredibly sweet and wholesome series celebrating queerness. It’s a lover letter about being proud of who you are. I think this series will be remembered as a template for LGBT representation in films and series. It gives representation to our community in all the right ways. And this is so important. Heartstopper is a series that matters and maybe even the most meaningful British series that ever was. It’s inspiring to be represented on screen, to feel seen on screen without the usual clichés tropes.


While, season 2 continues to deliver on the sweet side, at the same time, it is also more mature touching upon subjects like Charlie’s mental health struggles. But, it’s also more mature because the characters themselves are growing up and evolving. It has found the right balance for everything. It’s actually a packed season. A lot is happening. Indeed, each character has their own storyline going on and facing their own struggles, even the teachers! Whoever is your favorite character, you won’t be disappointed. Among the secondary characters, I have to say the will they/won’t they of Elle (Yasmin Finney) and Tao (William Gao) is incredibly exciting to watch.

Heartstopper, Credit: Netflix / Samuel Dore

Nevertheless, fear not, Charlie and Nick remain the lead of the series. There is a lot going on on their side too and a lot of kisses. They are a couple now but there is still more to explore about their relationship. This season shows us how they are as a couple and how they face things together.

Furthermore, Nick’s coming out story didn’t end with season 1. I love how season 2 continues this storyline. This is a heartfelt and meaningful storyline. Coming out isn’t easy for everyone and Heartstopper really shows that. It’s not because Nick has a boyfriend that it is easy for him to say he’s bisexual to his friends. He has to find the right moment to say it and how to say it on his own terms.

All in all, season 2 delivers on the feel-good queer joy that we loved in season 1 while further exploring its characters and their struggles. It will both make you cheer and cry. There are some deeply moving moments this season. Though, some of the tears will also be happy tears. Indeed, there are some incredibly uplifting scenes too.

Heartstopper, Credit: Netflix / Samuel Dore


Each member of this young talented cast really gets their moment to shine. They deliver earnest and believable performances which is why we care so much about the characters they play. They truly make us feel what their characters feel. Will Gao beautifully portrays the lack of confidence of his character Tao while at the same time this sweet and extravagant side to the character. Undoubtedly, Joe Locke and Kit Connor are the highlight of this cast. The two have a charming on-screen chemistry. They bring the same vulnerabilities that they brought to their characters in season 1, this time going further as the material itself is more mature. It’s simply enchanting to see Joe Locke and Kit Connor playing these characters. Furthermore, Locke deserves to be praised for his portrayal of Charlie’s mental health struggles. He brings a lot of sensitivity to the subject. Kit Connor speaking French is also kind of cute.

As much as I love season 1, there was one thing that needed to be improved – more screen time for Olivia Colman. And season 2 gives us exactly this. Colman wonderfully plays the kindest, best TV mom there ever is. She does remind me a lot of how my mom is.

Heartstopper, Credit: Teddy Cavendish / Netflix © 2022 Netflix, Inc.


Moreover, Heartstopper continues with the comic book aesthetic like in season 1 with some really nice transitions, animated effects, and bright colors. It fits so well with the coming-of-age story and it keeps the visuals of this series fresh. The characters spend some episodes in Paris and unlike what I have seen in other films or series, this is an accurate depiction of the city far away from the clichés. It presents the French capital as the city of love and a beautiful place, which it is but it really shines in the little details. The details I talk about are for example the sound of sirens from firefighter/cop cars, you do hear that a few times. The series depicts Paris the way it is.

Additionally, the soundtrack uses some French songs, since they are in France it makes sense. But, it is not some old songs that nobody listens to. It’s actually current pop songs, this includes a song from Christine and the Queens. Like season 1, the series continues to use a great mix of various indie pop songs. This is exactly what you need for a series with teenagers.


Heartstopper Season 2 is even better than Season 1. It continues to be this incredibly sweet and wholesome series celebrating queerness. While being uplifting and heartwarming, season 2 is also more mature. Undoubtedly, Joe Locke and Kit Connor are the highlights of this talented young cast, bringing the same vulnerabilities that they brought to their characters in season 1, this time going further as the material itself is more mature. Plus, they share this charming on-screen chemistry. Once again, it is one of the best series of the year. It’s truly a series that matters. And it is with great pleasure that I am looking forward to the next season.

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  1. I would love to see Nick and Charlie in flash forwards. That would show the world about adult gays too.

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