October 3, 2023

Season 2 of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds draws to a close with an old enemy rearing their heads again. Can Pike and company end on a high?

The season finale of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is here. Throughout the season, we have had laughs, drama, and enough action to fill a Starship’s hold. But the hints of what is to come have always been there, lurking in the background. The threat of the Gorn attacking has been drifting about the galaxy like a lingering bad smell. And that threat has suddenly become all too real. Prepare yourselves for the dramatic tension to be ramped up to the max. The race against time is finally here. And it ain’t going to end pretty.


When the U.S.S. Enterprise investigates an attack on a colony at the edge of Federation space, Captain Pike and his crew face the return of a formidable enemy.

Star Trek Strange New Worlds S2.E10 Official Stills


If you’re looking for a season finale that ticks all the boxes, you’ll get it right here. The episode is everything we could want. Death, destruction, scares, thrills, and some genuine surprises. Much of what the episode contains, I cannot go into here as some of it is HUGE spoilers. Suffice it to say, Star Trek fans will be punching the air during several points. At others, they’ll be watching some of the events through their fingers. The episode does contain some scenes that we wouldn’t expect.

To describe it is simple. Take some parts of the Original Series, and add some Star Trek: First Contact. Throw in a dash of the best episode of The Next Generation ‘The Best Of Both Worlds’, and sprinkle in some aspects of ‘Alien’ and you’ve got the episode in one. And this spicy combination works wonders. It is a thrilling ride through everything that Star Trek represents. And the surprises just keep on coming.



Every member of the main cast gets their time in the spotlight. The best, however, is Melissa Navia as Ortega. Finally, what we’ve been building up to throughout the season, Ortega’s desire to go on an away mission is realised. And the moment has been worth the wait. Ortega has to fly a shuttle through a debris field and into the atmosphere of an invaded planet without detection. And she relishes every second of it. Ortega has a childlike joy as she attempts such a dangerous feat, smiling all the way down. The same can’t be said for her passengers, especially Captain Pike. Melissa Navia gets her moment to shine here and never wastes a single second of it.

Star Trek Strange New Worlds S2.E10 Official Stills

Fans will be happy to know that not one of the main cast gets pushed aside in the episode. Anson Mount as Pike once again comes to the fore but everyone gets to have almost equal screentime. Christina Chong once again gets to prove how much of a badass she is. Ethan Peck as Spock gets to have a fair few solo scenes, and Jess Bush as Chapel gets to show her action side once again. Rebecca Romijn as Riley gets her chance in the centre seat to great aplomb while the rest get their own parts to add to the machine.

Star Trek Strange New Worlds S2.E10 Official Stills


The episode is written by Henry Alonso Myers. And once again, he has pulled the proverbial rabbit from the hat. With a telling and amusing nod to what happened last week, Myers then bombasts us with epic storytelling, humour, action, violence, and horror. And every piece fits together perfectly. This is what we want in a series finale. And we get it by the bucket load. The episode grips us from the start and doesn’t let up until the final shot. And then we find ourselves pounding the seat edge in frustration when the inevitable ‘To Be Continued’ appears onscreen. But we have come to expect it.

Myers writes what is quite simply classic Star Trek. Everything we want or need in a season finale is right here. And he doesn’t skimp on everything we need. Whether it be a scary moment with a Gorn youngling or a dramatic, unresolved serious problem for some characters. The threat that hovers over proceedings like a veiled, dark curtain, the frights we witness, and even a few laughs and cheers along the way. It all adds up to something that is completely fulfilling.


This is the season finale that we all hoped for. It will draw comparisons with ‘The Best Of Both Worlds: Part One’, which is a given. But it forges its own path brilliantly. This is what we’ve been building towards since the first episode of season 2. And superbly lays the foundations for what could be an incredible third season. It has the tools to lead us towards what may be to come. And gives us a rollercoaster ride throughout. We find ourselves going through all the emotions during the episode. This is all thanks to Henry Alonso Myers’ brilliantly written script. It taps into what we know as well as what we don’t, leaving us hanging for a year.

The path ahead has been forged. And we find ourselves impatient to discover where this will all lead. The entire second season of the series has been outstanding from the start. With us witnessing M’Benga and Chapel beating up Klingons in episode one, and the emotional trial of Una Chin-Riley in episode two. The discovery of La’an’s emotional side in episode three, and Spock discovering what it’s like to be fully human in episode five. With the terrific Star Trek: Lower Decks crossover episode, and the brilliant musical episode last week, this finale bookends the season brilliantly. The Original Series didn’t leave us hanging like this. But with a cliffhanger ending that takes our breath away, the season finale ensures that we will all be tuning in again for season three. And I for one can’t wait to beam aboard the Enterprise again.

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