September 21, 2023
Hot Toys Ahsoka Tano And Grogu (Star Wars The Mandalorian) Review

“The Hot Toys Ahsoka Tano from The Mandalorian is a fantastic figure. She will be a fine addition to your collection. The DX21 comes with a super cool forest display base, plus you get another Grogu figure.”

The highly anticipated Star Wars: Ahsoka series releases next week. So, we thought that it would be the right time to bring you this review of the Hot Toys Ahsoka Tano figure from The Mandalorian! There are two versions DX20 and DX21. The DX21 comes with Grogu, a different display base and background.

Hot Toys Review | Ahsoka Tano & Grogu (Star Wars: The Mandalorian)


Since this is a DX figure, the box is not exactly your usual Star Wars collectibles box. On the outside, though it is, it’s the black box with a promotional picture of the figure and the Star Wars logo. For the figures from The Mandalorian, you get an orange/brownish colored strip with two additional pictures of the figure. But when you remove the first part of the box, you get something different. The box features a stylized picture of the Ahsoka and Grogu figures. And when you open the box, the figure is in foam protection. It is fancier than the usual boxes. I am always happy when we get a Star Wars DX because I prefer these boxes, they stand out from the simple collectibles boxes.

In terms of accessories, she has some good stuff but for a DX, I think it is a little light. This is exactly the type of display base that I love – one that represents an environment. This one recreates the forest of Corvus. There’s a rock, a tree log, and a tree trunk, they made something nice. However, I feel like they should have given two possibilities for the stand to be inserted – at the front or the back. But then again, you can simply display the figure without the stand. Be careful because this one is a dynamic stand. I’ll drop a link to my video on how to avoid damaging your figures with dynamic stands in the description down below.

Hot Toys Ahsoka Tano & Grogu (Star Wars: The Mandalorian) REVIEW


As for the hands, she only has five hands – two hands to hold the lightsabers, two open hands, and only one fist hand. I don’t understand they didn’t include a second fist hand. They could have at least done that. It’s not even what I consider to be the bare minimum of hands. I didn’t expect that from a DX figure. Then, she has her two lightsabers. They are nicely sculpted with silver paint. Here, Hot Toys has done a big improvement. They included these little tips for when you display the lightsabers without the blades. This way, you don’t see a big hole, instead you see something accurate when the lightsabers are turned off. I was so surprised to see this when I opened the box. As usual with lightsabers, there are also the normal blades and action blades. The white looks good here.

There is also a lantern with Ahsoka to recreate some of the scenes from Chapter 13 The Jedi. This is a cool accessory to include. And you can even put it on a tree branch, it holds well. I like this.  As for Grogu, just like the one that came with Luke, he has an additional pair of hands. Finally, we get a background of the forest of Corvus. As I always say, it’s nice to have a background included with the figures. Personally, I won’t use this one as I plan to display Ahsoka next to my Luke who has a big background.


My first thought seeing this figure is that she looks amazing! Hot Toys has done a wonderful job recreating Ahsoka’s outfit in figure format. As a big fan of the character, this was one of my most anticipated figures. And having it here, I am not disappointed at all.

The feet are two separate pieces so this allows feet articulation. The articulation range is limited but it is still good enough for action poses. The pants have a nice pattern, there are a lot of details on this outfit. The strings on the side are made of plastic. It is a good choice to have used plastic because with time it won’t fray like the fabric. The parts on each side of the pants are made of fabric so it doesn’t limit the articulation of the legs. These have a different pattern than the pants. As usual with Hot Toys, it’s all about the details.

Ahsoka has seamless shoulders which means you have to be careful with posing. The instruction sheet mentions not to leave the figure in the same action pose for a long period. That is the problem with seamless. It looks great but it poses a problem for display purposes. Personally considering where it is, I think it was the right choice to use seamless. It looks better than seeing a shoulder joint. Just like the recent Wonder Woman figure, the material used here is silicone. So, this is a much better material than previous figures that used seamless. Just by looking at it, you can tell it’s different. And when you touch the material that’s when you see it’s really superior to what we got before. It will last longer. But I still wouldn’t recommend letting her in the same action pose for a long period.

Hot Toys Ahsoka Tano


Though, not the whole arm is made of silicone. The forearms use plastic. There have been some problems with the joints between the plastic and the silicone. For some people, the joint was stiff. The solution given by people who had this problem was to remove the fabric and use a hairdryer on the joint to loosen it up. After that, it is supposed to work. Personally, I don’t have a problem with the joints, so I didn’t have to use that technique. Though, if you encounter this problem, it seems that the hairdryer technique works. The use of plastic for the forearms means that you can still slightly pose the forearm as long as it doesn’t put pressure on the silicone.

All in all, I think Hot Toys has nailed it with this figure. They perfectly recreated her. You can display Ahsoka like this or use the cape. The cape uses a button to attach it. It’s not the best solution. With time the sewing will break. I would have preferred magnets. Nevertheless, Ahsoka also looks great with the cape. You can either put the hood on or not.


The headsculpt is another beautiful work by Hot Toys. It was made by Yeon Sun Jeon and painted by JC Hong. You can recognize the likeness to Rosario Dawson here. By the way, she is the perfect live-action Ahsoka. The likeness is there, it looks great but it’s not perfect. It misses a little something. The cherry on the cake is the separate rolling eyeballs. I love when Hot Toys includes this feature. I couldn’t be happier to have it on Ahsoka.


It is the same Grogu sculpture as the one that came with Luke. Indeed, he has the moving arms and the same headsculpt, plus the additional pair of hands. So, if you already have Luke with this Grogu, this one may be redundant. Personally, I bought the DX with Grogu because of the display base. I do prefer the display base that comes with this Ahsoka rather than the DX20.



The Hot Toys Ahsoka Tano from The Mandalorian is a fantastic figure. She will be a fine addition to your collection. The DX21 comes with a super cool forest display base, plus you get another Grogu figure. As for the headsculpt, you can recognize Rosario Dawson there. It is a great headsculpt.

Sideshow Collectibles distribute the Hot Toys Ahsoka Tano in Europe and the United States!


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