September 21, 2023
Back To Hogwarts - Albus Potter Heads Off To His Fourth Year

It’s time for the annual Return to Hogwarts. To enroll in the greatest school the Wizarding World has ever known. But have you packed everything? 

It’s time to go home. To make the journey to platform 9 3/4 at Kings Cross Station, and walk through the wall (you can do it at a bit of a run if you’re nervous). To board the gleaming red steam engine, wave goodbye, and travel to Scotland whilst gorging on an array of sweets. The final leg of the journey whether it be by boat or carriage will grant you that first wondrous glimpse of home, of Hogwarts.

Whether you love the books or the movies, Hogwarts feels like home in both. Two characters are specified to see Hogwarts as their home: Tom Riddle and Harry Potter. It’s clever how the early lives of Harry and Voldemort mirror, both mistreated, only and without a home. Tom living in an orphanage goes to Hogwarts and finds himself fitting in, relishing in the magic and power. Harry by attending Hogwarts created a home for himself, a home full of friendship, laughter, and adventures. For most of us going to school was an effort, full of regiment and rules, that took us to our friends but took us away from our homes. Hogwarts gives us everything muggle schools don’t. It’s full of adventure, mystery, freedom, excitement and magic.


There is an area for everyone at Hogwarts, the four houses offering a comfortable base. Gryffindors, in their common room in a tower, can curl up by the fireplace, surrounded by golds and reds. Ravenclaw, also located in a tower, is full of light, blue colors and books to challenge and calm the mind. By the kitchens, you’ll find the Hufflepuff common room, full of lush greenery and comfy chairs. Near the dungeons, the Slytherin common room offers mystical views of the black lake. If a common room isn’t for you, then maybe the great hall with its ceiling that mimics the weather, or the Quidditch pitch, the library, the forbidden forest, or even the room of requirement that can be anything you wish it to be. There is a place for everyone at Hogwarts.

So this September, be ready to be welcomed home, to the greatest fictional place ever created: Hogwarts. The very heart of the Wizarding World universe, a character itself and home to many of us.

Happy Harry Potter Day!







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