September 21, 2023

Get ready for a Totally Killer time on October 6th with Prime Video. Check out the Red Band trailer for Blumhouse’s horror comedy right here!

Are you ready to have a Totally Killer time on Prime Video this October 6th? That’s when Kiernan Shipka will star as your new favourite Scream Queen in the role of Jamie Hughes in Blumhouse’s horror-comedy. The story sees Jamie go back to 1987 to try and stop the Sweet Sixteen Killer from murdering a group of friends including her teenage mom. The film looks to be a great mix of blood, guts, gore, and cutting-edge comedy along the way. The Red Band trailer for the film has been released online today. Are you ready to meet the next Blumhouse slasher, the Sweet Sixteen Killer?



After Jamie’s mother is murdered by the Sweet Sixteen Killer on Halloween, she travels back in time to 1987 where she must stop the young would-be-killer and get back to her timeline before she’s trapped in the past forever.


Alongside Kiernan Shipka, the film stars Julie Bowen as Julie’s mother Pam, with Olivia Holt as the teenage Pam. Lochlyn Munro as adult Blake, with Charlie Gillespie as teen Blake. Liana Liberato as Tiffany Clark. And Randall Park.

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Totally Killer will slash your Halloween plans to shreds when it premieres on Prime Video On October 6th.

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