September 21, 2023

Becca has joined the Talking Tom Gold Run crew. Adding a burst of energy with her lightning-fast speed, and slick moves. And a bag of exciting power-ups! 

Talking Tom Gold Run Gets a Boost: Introducing Becca and Her Power-Ups.

Outfit7 is excited to introduce Talking Becca as the newest playable character in their popular endless runner game, Talking Tom Gold Run. Players can now join Becca in the fight against Roy Rakoon. Alongside other familiar characters from the Talking Tom & Friends universe. Becca’s lightning-fast speed and unique power-ups inject an exciting gameplay twist as she embarks on a mission to recover her stolen gold.


“Talking Becca has been a part of the Talking Tom & Friends universe since 2019,” said Xinyu Qian, CEO of Outfit7. “We are excited to give Talking Tom Gold Run players the opportunity to step into her shoes. Offering a fresh gaming experience and a chance to get to know Becca a little better”.


Talking Tom Gold Run is an endless runner where players assist Talking Tom and his friends in their quest to outpace and outsmart Roy Rakoon while collecting treasure along the way. With Becca’s wit, independence, and street smarts, catching Roy and collecting gold becomes more achievable than ever. Players can enjoy her unique, upgradeable power-ups and explore her personal hangout yard, Becca’s Night Out, all obtainable in-game in a variety of ways, including progressing through the game.

Prepare to bounce with Becca, and join the excitement by downloading Talking Tom Gold Run HERE.

Source: Talking Tom & Friends Games





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