December 8, 2023

“The fourth season of Star Trek: Lower Decks continues to amuse and entertain us with its blend of humor, sheer outlandishness, and classic throwbacks.”

Love it or hate it, Star Trek: Lower Decks is never anything but entertaining and amusing. Its sheer outlandishness, its ability to constantly make us laugh while harking back to some of the classic days is inspired. It is a series that you can simply sit back with and enjoy yourself for 30 minutes. And this week’s episode is no exception. With a plot that delves deeper into Tendi and her past, and makes Mariner the butt of the jokes, it is simply put, quality entertainment.


Tendi is summoned back to Orion for a wedding.



Any episode that sees Mariner constantly being on the wrong end of various knives aimed at other people is good enough for me. You’d think that after the first couple of times, the humor would wear thin. Not so. It is so much fun to see Mariner get to be the butt of the joke throughout. Add in Tendi’s uneasiness to be going home to Orion and seeing her family again and you’ve got a great episode. Tendi has been holding some secrets that will be dragged into the light during the episode. And Mariner can’t help but look at her friend in a whole new light by the conclusion. While T’Lyn gets to learn more than she bargained for.

Boimler and Rutherford also get their time to shine during proceedings. But they play second fiddle to the female characters here. It’s fun to see the pair, best friends and roommates, suddenly almost come to blows over something as simple as watering a plant in their quarters. And the way they settle their dispute, and the way it comes back into play later, is pretty funny. Once again, the episode doesn’t skimp on the laughs, the friendship between the main four characters, and how close they really are.

Star Trek Lower Decks S4.E4

Throw in a scene that is most certainly not suitable for young children concerning the females of Orion and the pheromones that affect the male population and you can see once again that this season is pushing the boundaries once again. The sequence is an animated underground sex members club. And it doesn’t hold back on the suggestiveness. Male Orion’s dancing in cages, some being led around by their females. You get the picture.


The script by Grace Parra Janney once again hits every note. She has written an episode that despite having some seriously adult themes, is hugely entertaining from the start. It is edgy, and slightly more violent in parts than we expect, but never less than highly enjoyable. To see Boimler and Rutherford at odds over trivial things is hilarious while our three female characters are pitch-perfect. Trust me when I say you’ll never look at Tendi the same way ever again. Despite Mariner getting most of the laughs, this is Tendi’s episode without a doubt. And Grace Parra Janney has nailed the episode brilliantly.

Star Trek Lower Decks S4.E4


The fourth season of Star Trek: Lower Decks continues to amuse and entertain us with its blend of humor, sheer outlandishness, and classic throwbacks. It is fast becoming, alongside Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, THE go-to series for all Star Trek fans. While Strange New Worlds brings drama alongside the humor, Lower Decks goes solely for the funny bone. And it rarely misses. For every joke that falls short, there are ten that hit the mark.

Star Trek Lower Decks S4.E4

Fans have once again been treated to a superb episode of the animated show. From the quite sublime opening theme to the finale to the episode, the show takes to the stars and doesn’t stop moving. It is one of the most enjoyable episodes of the series so far, and the one where we can remember discovering there’s more to Tendi than we thought. Time to sit back and allow yourself to be entertained once again for another week. You won’t be disappointed.

Star Trek: Lower Decks Season 4 is currently streaming. The first three seasons are available to stream in full right now on Paramount+





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