December 6, 2023

Karate-Do: The Path Of Sandra Sanchez, the moving documentary, is now free and available on Rakuten TV. Get the details here.

After a triumphant premiere at the Palacio de la Prensa in Madrid on September 19, Karate-do: The Path of Sandra Sánchez, the Rakuten TV documentary that tells the empowering story of Olympic karate champion Sandra Sánchez is now available for free and exclusively on the platform. Additionally, the documentary will soon be screened in select cinemas in Spain.

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Even before the documentary’s launch on Rakuten TV, the documentary has been recognised as ‘Specially Recommended for the Promotion of Gender Equality’ by the Spanish Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts. Highlighting its relevance in promoting gender equality. The film follows the fascinating journey of Sandra Sanchez and how she has managed to face different challenges. Transforming herself into the best karateka of all time.



After achieving a phenomenal feat in becoming part of the national team, she made the difficult decision to leave the renowned High Performance Center to be close to her mother. In these challenging moments, full of fears and doubts, she chose to forge a new path, which led her to Australia. Upon her return home her love for karate was reawakened, as was her goal of becoming a Spanish champion. With unwavering determination, she began working with the best coach, Jesús del Moral, who later became her husband. Victories followed one after another, fuelling her determination. Until she won the coveted prize and became a living legend of world karate.

Throughout the documentary, viewers will visit key moments in Sandra’s life. From her hometown, Talavera de la Reina, to Dubai, where she reached the top in her last world championship. With an obligatory visit to Japan, the home of karate. The documentary crucially explores her Olympic victory in Tokyo 2020.


Sandra, in her own words, recounts how she has become a respected athlete in Spanish sport. Featuring interviews with her closest friends and family members, such as her coach and husband Jesús del Moral. Javier Pineño, her Karate teacher and instructor since she was 6 years old. Her parents and brother, karatekas like Shimizu, Rika Usami or Okamura Sensei, Rika Usami’s teacher. And a reference in the karate world, the documentary offers invaluable perspectives and experiences.

The documentary is directed by José Manuel Alfaro Lorenzo and produced by Doble Once Filmmakers (11:11) in association with OÉOÉ Marketing.

Karate-do: The Path of Sandra Sánchez is now available free and exclusively on Rakuten TV in 42 European countries including the UK as part of the Rakuten Originals collection.

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