December 2, 2023
John Woo Returns To Give Us A Silent Night!

Director John Woo returns to give the world a unique action movie experience with Silent Night. Hitting Screens in December.

Are you ready and prepared for a Silent Night?

The legendary director John Woo has returned to give us his first American movie release since 2003’s Paycheck. And it will be a unique action movie experience. The film, Silent Night, stars Joel Kinnaman as a father who goes against the underworld on Christmas Eve to avenge the death of his son. What is unique about the film is that it contains no dialogue at all. None. Nada. All the audience will hear is the weapons being fired, the explosions, background chatter, ambient noise, and the sounds of death. All of which makes the film all the more appealing.

This unique experimental experience from the acclaimed director could lead to the film being a completely amazing action movie. Or it could fall flat on its face. Either way, the film looks to be a classic Woo actioner and one film that will break the monotony that awaits us usually during the holiday season. The first trailer for the film has been unleashed. Let’s take a look.


A man goes into the underworld to avenge his young son’s death on Christmas Eve.

Silent Night (2023)
John Woo’s Silent Night, Courtesy of Lionsgate


The first poster for the film has also been revealed. Check it out below, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.

Silent Night is due for release on December 1st from Lionsgate.

What do you think of the trailer? Will you be going to see the film? Are you a John Woo fan? Let us know in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you.

Trailer Source: YouTube





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