December 2, 2023


Based on the book of the same name, Eileen stars Thomasin McKenzie and Anne Hathaway. Hitting cinemas on December 1st.

Eileen, based on the book of the same name by literary powerhouse Ottessa Moshfegh, is coming to cinemas. The film, starring Thomasin McKenzie and Anne Hathaway, will be hitting screens in the UK on December 1st. The film has been described as “Thrilling” by Attitude and “A compelling journey into twisted immorality” by Total Film. Universal Pictures has released the trailer and poster for the film.



Based on the book of the same name by literary powerhouse Ottessa Moshfegh, Eileen follows a peculiar young woman whose dreary life stretches on toward unending misery. In frigid 1960s Boston, Eileen (Thomasin McKenzie) shuffles between her father’s dingy, emotionally haunted home and the prison where she works alongside colleagues who have ostracized her. When an intoxicating woman (Anne Hathaway) joins the prison staff, Eileen is taken. Just when the possibility of a salvational friendship (or maybe more) takes hold and forms a singular glimmer in Eileen’s darkness, her newfound confidant entangles her in a shocking crime that alters all.


The movie features Thomasin McKenzie, Anne Hathaway, Shea Whigham, Owen Teague, Marin Ireland, Jefferson White, Tonye Patano, and Siobhan Fallon-Hogan. Luke Goebel and Ottessa Moshfegh wrote the screenplay, directed by William Oldroyd. The production team includes Anthony Bregman, Stefanie Azpiazu, Peter Cron, Luke Goebel, Ottessa Moshfegh, and William Oldroyd.

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Eileen will make its debut in UK and Irish cinemas on December 1st, courtesy of Universal Pictures.

Are you a fan of the novel? Will you be going to see the film version? Do you think it will do the book justice? Head down to the comments section to let us know. We love to hear from you.

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