December 8, 2023

You can’t keep a good Hondo down…

Beware spoilers! Spoilers?! Oh, that’s a classic!

“The Wynkahthu Job” was written by Gary Whitta, who provided the first draft for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Before it aired fans were wondering what that name could mean. Actually, it’s very simple, Wynkahthu is the name of the planet where the episode takes place.

We got another adventure with the one and only…Hondo Ohnaka! The last time we saw him was during the season 3 premiere — he had been captured by the Empire and “helped” our heroes, depending on the perspective you see things from (as always with Hondo). With Hondo back, it obviously means troubles because it’s him and don’t forget the lies. Even though you may remember what he once said: “Oh the stories I could tell, so many of them true.” He’s always up to something and he never comes to see the Ghost crew for a friendly chat, if he’s there…he needs help. This time he asked the Rebels to work with him and Azmorrigan (yes, him, the one who tried to kill Hondo and who also tried to kill the Ghost crew). The job was to go to Wynkahthu to retrieve proton bombs for the Rebels and for Hondo and his new friend some treasure left by the Empire on the cargo ship.

So we’ll split the treasure? — Zeb

Split the treasure, oh that’s a classic. — Hondo

As always with Hondo, he gave us some extremely funny lines typical of him. I think this dialogue with Zeb was the best of the episode (something we had seen in the trailers already).

As you may have guessed, this mission to an abandoned Imperial Cargo wasn’t without surprises. First, it was Hondo’s fault the cargo was in a storm on the planet and one of his Ugnaught crew members had been left there … Additionally, there were some new Imperial battle droids reminiscent in design of the Aqua Droids from Star Wars The Clone Wars. Previously, we had seen Azmorrigan as a tough criminal but this episode showed us that he was more like the contrary. When he killed the first droid he was so happy, barely believing it and already seeing himself as a hero.

The Rebels did manage to bring back the proton bombs on The Ghost. However, the only gift Hondo brought back was his crew member, friendship being the most important treasure…or not really, well, you know, depending on the situation for Hondo.

This episode also marked the return of AP-5A voiced by Stephen Stanton.

Another interesting element to talk about this episode was Zeb. From The Ghost crew, Ezra, Zeb and Chopper went to help Hondo. And I think for the first time in the series, we saw Zeb leading the group. It was great to see him take on more responsibilities and get a bigger role in the team. Now his dynamic with Ezra works better than it first did which is also a nice to see development.

6.8/10 A good adventure as always with Hondo — troubles and fun!

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