September 27, 2023

A closer look at Paladone’s incredible heat changing merchandise. Out of this world adventures in a Star Wars mug!


The release of a brand new Star Wars movie is a momentous occasion, one that is greeted with joy and rapture amongst the saga’s fan base, but equally as exciting is the release of an entirely new range of awesome merchandise. Ranging from action figures to advent calendars, every item is greeted and regarded as an instant collectable and highly sought after within the collecting community. With the release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, the fantastic team at special gift designers Paladone have released an exceptional range of Star Wars merchandise tailored to suit fans both young and old. Whether your penchant varies from key chains to cookie jars or coasters to mood lights, every fan has something to delight them ensuring they can celebrate Star Wars in the best possible way.

In the finest possible tradition of Star Wars togetherness, the fantastic team at Paladone have provided the Future of the Force team with a selection of these amazing products which we have put through their paces in order to share them with you, our beloved readers. We are thrilled to champion these sublime items and are delighted to share our findings with you, beginning with my review of the new range of heat changing character mugs from Rogue One and beyond.

So…set your course for Star Wars collectables heaven because we are jumping to light speed!

The Death Star Heat Changing Mug:

Featuring the iconic image of Darth Vader, this fantastic mug stands out with the awe-inspiring silhouette of the dreaded Death Star looming large across his shoulders. The iconic imagery, made famous within the trailer for the new Rogue One movie offers us a hint at the dark and foreboding presence of the Empire’s new super weapon. On the reverse we are treated to the imagery of new villain Orson Krennic who is flanked by his contingent of Death Troopers marching towards his destiny. These awesome depictions would normally be enough to delight even the most die-hard of fans, but once hot liquid is poured inside the mug takes on an exceptional red glow which brightens the Death Star in all its amazing glory. The illuminated image is amazingly detailed and is uniquely reminiscent of the promotional artwork of the movie itself.

The BB-8 Character Heat Changing Mug:

Despite this mug’s underwhelming appearance, one that boasts little more than a blanket of stars whilst cold, the exterior erupts into life once hot liquid breaches its detailed rim. BB-8, the much beloved Astromech droid from The Force Awakens emerges from obscurity like a candle in the darkness and graces us with his sublime form. Adjacent to his sleek white outline, a logo bearing his unique number unveils itself affording the final revelation a most gratifying appearance.

The Lightsaber Heat Changing Mug:

Detailed with an incredible array of lightsaber hilts, this mug transforms in an astonishing fashion to unveil a colourful melody of lightsaber blades. The hilts are highly detailed and situated against the backdrop of deep space that allows them time to shine. Centralised between the handle is the trademark Star Wars logo that has stood the test of time since 1977 and once hot liquid penetrates the threshold, the mug unleashes the power of the Jedi. An explosion of colour alerts us to the ignition of the blades including: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Mace Windu, Yoda, Count Dooku, Kit Fisto, Darth Vader and Asajj Ventress. The final product is a delight to hold in your grasp and truly embraces the spirit and duality of both the light and the dark sides of the force.

The Death Trooper Heat Changing Mug:

Unveiled specifically for the release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, the all new heat changing mug depicts the imagery of Empire’s newest Stormtroopers. The unique mug offers us a close up view of the new trooper’s helmet complete with glowing green features which looks positively stunning. As we turn the mug to view the rear, we are introduced to the character poised in a defensive posture, preparing for action with its blaster at the ready. The images are as vivid as they are stunning and once the internal chamber is filled with hot liquid, the entire landscape changes.

In reaction to the liquids heated temperature, the mugs exterior colour transforms completely. The once vivid and dark façade alters entirely and the previously black pigment morphs into one of complete white that illuminates an incredible glowing green outline of the character’s helmet. The rear of the mug houses an intricate blueprint of the new trooper’s design from both frontal and rear perspectives giving us our first in depth review of the character.

With all the amazing attention to detail invested in these magnificent mug’s I have found myself at a loss to find a single fault with them. Despite the underwhelming appearance of the cold temperature BB-8 mug’s exterior, once the cavity has filled with hot liquid, all mundane thoughts are banished into the recesses of the past. The final rendering on all four mugs is exquisite and the images profound, well worth the retail price that varies from retailer to retailer. I have found them widely available in several stores from as little as £3.99 to an extreme £8.99, but even this price would not dissuade me from making a purchase.

In closing, I have found these mugs to be a delight to review. The Death Trooper design is, in a word incredible and the imagery is breath taking which is only surpassed by the Darth Vader variation which in my opinion is undeniably superior. The Death Star illuminates in an incredible fashion and captures the nostalgia of the original trilogy perfectly but in a completely new way that will undoubtedly resonate with millions of fans around the world. The BB-8 version appears a little mundane until the colour transformation which brings it to life in the most amazing way and reveals the lovable droid in his greatest detail. The lightsaber variant is also a delight and boasts an appeasing appearance whilst being both hot and cold that would make every fan happy.

In these fantastic mugs, Paladone have crafted a series of truly wonderful collector’s items that would make the perfect gift to every Star Wars fan across the globe. These designs will appeal to all who regard them, including children of all ages who will be astounded at the heat changing transformation process alone.

So my advice is to go in search of these amazing products and celebrate the release of Rogue One in the finest way possible. Whether they be bought as a gift or just as that special treat for yourself, a Paladone mug will make every cup of coffee that little bit more special.

The only question remaining is…which version would you choose.

No matter your preference, you are in for a real treat.

And as always..

May The Force Be With You

The Star Wars heat changing mug range is designed and distributed by Paladone UK and are available to buy now. I would like to thank Paladone for making a selection available to Future of the Force.

Check out the Paladone Star Wars range here:

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