An exclusive interview with Scott Richardson AKA First Mate Quiggold from The Force Awakens

Hot dang! Darth Elvis, the Dark King of the Sith here with his first interview for Future of the Force. It’s an honour to join the team and this hunka hunka Burning Sith is looking forward to bringing some dark side interviews to the site. Now you know I’ve been all over the galaxy playing shows: from the Mos Eisley Cantina to the Outlander Club on Coruscant. But today I find myself in Maz Kanata’s Castle on Takodana to interview one of the regulars….

Darth Elvis: Introduce yourself and the character you portray.

Scott Richardson: I am Scott Richardson and tonight Matthew I’m going to be… First Mate Quiggold, from VII TFA!

DE: How did you get the call to be in Episode VII?

SR: I joined an agency and within a week got an email saying they had a job for me and could I be at Pinewood Studios the following week.

DE: Best email ever! I need to use some Force lightning on the agencies as still waiting for my call.

Describe what it was like to put your costume on for the first time and see yourself in the mirror?

SR: Like a Darth Elvis gig — hot and heavy, yet weirdly enjoyable.

DE: You know the dark side rocks at throwing parties and we got all the best snacks! I think Quiggold should join the fold.

Whilst you were on set, was it easy to hear inside the costume or did the controls in the mask drown everything out?

SR: I had earpieces and received direction from the Creature Movements chap who was watching from off set.

DE: In a movie like The Force Awakens it takes so many professionals to help bring a creature to life, what was it like working with Neal Scanlan and key animatronic designer Chris Clarke?

SR: Actually, I probably got on best with Chris. We discovered that we share a similar sense of humour and spent a lot of the time quoting lines from Radio 4’s I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue. Neal (and all the Creature Effects team) were just lovely. No egos, all wanting to do a good job.

DE: Folks should all check out the excellent panel from Star Wars Celebration Europe 2016: The Creatures, Droids and Aliens of Star Wars: The Force Awakens — See Quiggold at the 42:30 mark!

In your opinion, who or what would be a good standalone movie for the franchise?

SR: A fly on the wall documentary of Darth Elvis’ world tour! It’s gotta happen!

DE: Watch this space: Darth Elvis Episode IX Return of the King.

How does it feel to have your own action figure and where in your house are they displayed?

SR: Good! It felt amazeballs. They are safely stowed away in the trunk for my children to take to the Antique Roadshow in 2065 and be valued at £8.50.

Hasbro Sidon Ithano & First Mate Quiggold 3 3/4 inch figures

DE: What do your kids think about their dad being in a Star Wars film? Were they fans of the franchise already?

SR: They get a bit fed up with me prattling on about it, but I think they are secretly proud. They play it cool though Trigger.

DE: What piece of Quiggold merchandise would you like to see that hasn’t already been produced?

SR: I’ve hassled the makers of the Funko characters to make a Quiggold (they have my partner in crime, The Crimson Crusader), but to no avail!

DE: @OriginalFunko we need this to happen. Celebration 2019 exclusive. 😉

Have you read about your earlier adventures in the short story “The Crimson Corsair and the Lost Treasure of Count Dooku”.

SE: I’m waiting for the paperback! 😉

DE: Will make sure to get one to you next time we meet along with that bottle of Jack!

Do you have any funny or interesting stories from the set that you are allowed to share?

SR: In between takes John Boyega said to me, “So what have they done with your leg? Is it like strapped up to your arse or something?” I said, “Mate, I’m an amputee”. Cue look of horror/embarrassment. We laughed! Then I reported him! (I didn’t really!)

Darth Elvis Rock n Rolls the force

DE: How does it feel seeing people cosplaying as Quiggold?

SR: The guy in America who’s made one has done an amazing job. Too bad he couldn’t get me to Celebration in Orlando with him.

DE: Lucasfilm/Reed Pop if you are reading this please can we get the main man Quiggold to Celebration in 2019 as he knows how to party!

You have started appearing at conventions around the UK. How are you finding meeting the fans of the film and does it surprise you how much love the character has?

SR: It’s a whole new world to me (even as a seasoned intergalactic traveller!), but everyone has been so nice and passionate about SW. It’s been great.

Scott Richardson with random handsome gentleman at Capital Sci-Fi Con, Edinburgh 2017

DE: How was it to be directed by JJ Abrams?

SR: We got chatting about prosthetic limbs in between takes. He was totally cool.

DE: Favourite Star Wars movie and why?

SR: VII TFA, obvz!

DE: Do you have any other film projects coming up?

SR: I’m an amputee soldier in the forthcoming Wonder Woman, but if you spot me amongst the 100’s of other extras, I’ll be surprised.

DE: What character in any Star Wars movie would you like to have played?

SR: Darth Vader, just so I could meet my cousin Darth Elvis at family get togethers!

A huge thankyouverymuch to Scott for agreeing to meet with the King. No Sith mind tricks were used during the interview. If Scott is appearing at a convention near you, I can highly recommend popping by to say hello as you couldn’t meet a nicer guy. Now I have a job for Quiggold and the Crimson Corsair, some moof milkers stole my wampa burger stash. Until next time……..Hang Loose.

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