February 7, 2023


What are the best scenes from Episode VII?


It’s officially Star Wars day and at Future of the Force we will be posting our Star Wars 4s: our individually selected top fours from throughout the Star Wars Galaxy. You can join us on Twitter by using the hashtag #Futureofthe4th

I’ve chosen to highlight my four favourite scenes of The Force Awakens! There are so many amazing scenes in this movie that it was really difficult to pick only four! Let’s go!

“It’s The Resistance!”

How to make an entrance? Just ask the Resistance! Poe Dameron leading the X-Wings was mesmerising with that soaring anthem playing in the background! When they arrived, flying just above the water, it gave me chills, the big action was finally coming — it was X-Wings vs TIE Fighters back on the screen again!

In the Beginning…

Star Wars always gives us tremendous openings that immediately immerse us in the movies and The Force Awakens is no exception. It introduced the First Order as the new villains of the trilogy with Kylo Ren making a Vader-like entrance, one of my favourite “villain entrances” — you could feel the tension rising when he arrived. It set the tone from the off. We also got our first look at Poe and BB-8; instant love!

“Crazy thing is it’s true. The Force. The Jedi. All of it. It’s all true.”

Han Solo has always been my favourite character of the Original Trilogy trio and having a focus on an older Han in The Force Awakens was one of my favourite things of the movie; I think it’s just the best version of the character. He still put himself in some crazy situations but at the same time he had changed, he had grown up. The key moment where this hits us is his acknowledgement that the Force was real. That moment took place in the same room where he said in A New Hope that he didn’t believe it to be true. Now that’s character development, and it’s why this scene is among my favourites from the movie.

The End of the Beginning

For me the ending of The Force Awakens was an instant classic in terms of Star Wars scenes. Beautiful with no dialogue, just the music and what an amazing music at that as the Jedi Steps played in tandem with Rey’s ascent.

Hamill and Ridley’s body language conveyed more than words ever could. The sadness in Luke’s eyes; conflict but at the same time he knows why Rey is there, recognises the lightsaber of his father. Is there a part of him that wants to take part in a new adventure? It was a cliffhanger scene and we were all left what happens next?

I can’t wait to get the answer in December with Star Wars: The Last Jedi.



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