February 7, 2023

The sinister villain of The Last Jedi to pilot an advanced Tie Fighter like his Grandfather…

Details about the upcoming Star Wars sequel, The Last Jedi have been scarce up until now, but at Star Wars Celebration Orlando, we were treated to a glossy new character poster as well as the long-awaited teaser trailer which sent the internet into a meltdown.

Images of the movies villain, Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) have been restricted to a few trivial flashes but that has not prevented a copious internet backlash over his appearance. This is due to the facial scar, obtained during the lightsaber duel with Rey in the finale of The Force Awakens, being re-positioned for The Last Jedi. Director Rian Johnson, took the decision to move the scar to the right of Adam Driver’s nose, due to the original disfigurement running the full length of the bridge of his nose.

The director repositioned the scar, to ensure that Adam Driver’s facial features were not obscured more than necessary, but the negative backlash was profound. More than necessary, if the truth be told but Star Wars fans are a highly devoted and scrutinising bunch.

Thankfully, the latest news is far more positive.

After a series of unsubstantiated rumours, we have finally had confirmation of the exciting news that Kylo Ren, will be piloting an advanced TIE Fighter in The Last Jedi. Several web sites have listed the Hot Wheels toy version on their pre-orders list ready for release in time for the movie in December. The sublime new TIE fighter, is reminiscent of Darth Vader’s (his Grandfather) sleek vehicle made famous in the Battle of Yavin in the finale of A New Hope and will almost certainly send the fans into an excited frenzy.

Get your first look here:

We have since had it confirmed that the vehicle has been classified as the TIE Silencer, an all new vessel combination of both a TIE Interceptor and Ren’s very own shuttle from The Force Awakens. The vessel was officially revealed on the weekly Star Wars Show on StarWars.com and they have provided us with an incredible close-up look for us all to enjoy.

The level of its involvement is yet to be confirmed, but one thing is for sure…with Kylo Ren piloting a sleek new fighter, we are set for an exciting ride in The Last Jedi. The prospect of watching the young Master of the Knights of Ren, flying into battle in the pilot seat of a TIE advanced fighter, is an exciting possibility and we can all look forward to letting our imaginations run wild until the movie’s release in December.

Until then…

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