It’s time for the Discovery to return from its hiatus and set course for the final frontier once again…

With the frantic Christmas period nearing its conclusion and the euphoric release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, subsiding and giving way to scrutiny and dissection – the final frontier is calling us home.

Despite receiving a mixed reaction from the hardcore fanbase, Star Trek: Discovery, with its traditional weekly release schedule has positioned itself as quintessential, must-see television. The adventures of the USS Discovery and her crew, has been the subject of debate within the fan fraternity and has been attacked for attenuating the very core of the franchise. The series, made a bold move and changed Gene Roddenberry’s conventional formula in favour of a fresh, contemporary take on the mythology. Some called this departure from the traditional Star Trek values heresy, others hailed it as an audacious move designed to drag Star Trek, kicking and screaming into the twenty-first century.


Regardless of which side of the fence you sit, the series has proven to be immensely lucrative and has already been commissioned for a second season. Despite the mixed reaction, fans have flocked to their television sets to tune in and the detractors who claim to hate it tune in every week to prolong their loathing for the property which only perpetuates its success in the viewing figures.

And so, with the festive period all but over and its mid-season break coming to an end, Star Trek: Discovery is returning to our screens on January 8th for the second half of its controversial first season. In the aftermath of the Discovery striking a fatal blow to the cloaked vessels of the Klingon insurgency, the series will continue to showcase the war between the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire as the conflict intensifies.

Exciting times for any Star Trek fan.

To commemorate its return to our screens, Paramount/CBS have released a series of new character posters for us to enjoy:


The one thing we can all agree upon is that this series deserves time to flourish and establish itself. Discovery may not uphold the traditions of the original concept of Star Trek and may have distanced itself from the traditional, graceful and operatic sensibilities established by Gene Roddenberry, a mandate where we seek out new lifeforms and new civilisations, but change is a painful process. Even with its erosion of certain principles making up the Star Trek universe, Discovery has demonstrated glimmers of brilliance and touched upon moments of pure, quintessential Star Trek amongst its episodes.


Whether it can propel itself out of the shadows of the iconic series of yesteryear remains to be seen, but Discovery has earned its shot at the big time, boldly going where no one has gone before. She may not be the Enterprise, but she has earned her chance at greatness…

Live long and prosper…


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