The Black Series Review | General Leia Organa (Resistance Outfit) The Force Awakens

The Unconquerable Carrie Fisher arrives to enhance your Star Wars collection…

Leia Organa in her Resistance outfit (from The Force Awakens) was part of the second wave of Hasbro Black Series action figures released for The Last Jedi. Although I would have preferred to see her being released in her The Last Jedi outfits first – which are my favorites – it’s good that Hasbro has finally produced a Leia from the Sequel era!

Review: The Black Series General Leia Organa (Resistance Outfit)

The Figure:

Hasbro has done a fantastic job with this one!

Review: The Black Series General Leia Organa (Resistance Outfit)

The figure is like Leia in the movie, they even crafted her ring, the same ring seen on her finger during The Last Jedi. They paid attention to the little details and that’s a good thing! This Resistance outfit felt more like an adventure gear and less like a leader outfit but I felt like it was a good fit for the D’Qar (Resistance Base) environment, a pleasing blend of green and dark purple.

In terms of likeness, the sculpt is amazingly screen accurate, it’s really good, and looks like Carrie Fisher. However, there’s something missing in the paint app so it’s not as great as it could have been. If you’re an expert at action figure customisation, you might want to repaint the face for a better result.

Up Close:

Final Thoughts:

The figure has 19 points of articulation, it’s more or less the average number of POA with the Black Series figures. Because the figures’ footwear has heels, it’s not always easy to make her stand and pose. For me, that’s the main problem with this figure.

Leia only has one accessory – her famous blaster. It’s nicely detailed. I don’t see what other accessories they could have included here.

Here’s a comparison shot with The Black Series Han Solo:

Review: The Black Series General Leia Organa (Resistance Outfit)

You can see Hasbro respect the height difference.

Leia is actually a very good figure and a must-have for fans of the iconic character.


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