December 8, 2023
Black Series Review: Qi'Ra (Corellia) | Solo: A Star Wars Story

Emilia Clarke’s screen siren arrives to enhance your Black Series collection.

Qi’Ra is the fourth figure from Solo: A Star Wars Story to be released in the Black Series action figure range after Han Solo, Lando Calrissian and the Imperial Range Trooper. Being the first figure of this character, Hasbro decided to focus on her outfit from Corellia rather than her main outfit from the movie.

This outfit is fine but Qi’Ra’s main outfit felt more classy and would have made more sense to be released first. However, this figure, with its Corellia attire has a cool smuggler/bandit feel to it. There is dirt on the boots and on the skirt. The skirt is longer at the front than at the back. The mix of colors – red, black, gray and the white of the fur is really cool. For the fur, they used plastic and gave it a “fur effect” with the way they moulded it. Hasbro definitely paid attention to the finer the details of the character and even included her bracelets. It’s a screen accurate outfit here!

The Figure:

Black Series Review Qi'Ra

In terms of likeness, it’s well done. And, even more than that it genuinely looks like Emilia Clarke. They have produced a great sculpture for this figure. I feel like Hasbro has also improved the way they manufacture hair for their figures, especially with this new wave. It’s better detailed, you can see it in the way the plastic is shaped. And Considering how her hair is styled, for Qi’Ra they most likely used a separate piece of plastic from the head for the hair. So it doesn’t feel like it’s been directly sculpted on it.

Up Close:

Just like Han and Lando, Qi’Ra has the new and improved neck articulation. She has 18 points of articulation. However, the long plastic skirt doesn’t allow you to move the legs very much. She also only has one accessory – her blaster. This blaster pistol can be opened but I’m not sure why. We’ll probably have a better understanding of why Hasbro decided to give it this function once the film is released. There’s no holster to put the blaster in on this outfit, unlike Qi’Ra’s main outfit. Another accessory I would have loved to have seen included with this figure would have been Han’s golden dice. It’s a missed opportunity here. Especially since we have seen an abundance of promotional material of Qi’Ra wearing this outfit and holding the dice.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, Qi’Ra is an impressive figure and an amazing addition to the Solo: A Star Wars Story range!



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