September 30, 2023

Solo: A Star Wars Story Characters Val and L3-37 Unveiled

With Solo: A Star Wars Story now playing in cinemas and delighting audiences around the world, it was only a mater of time before the next wave of action figures and merchandise was announced to the world. Despite Hasbro’s inability to deliver their products to the world’s retailers, they are moving forward with the release of their next range of 6” Black Series action figures, featuring two of the newer characters from Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Get your first look here:

Val (Thandie Newton):

Val was a female human criminal who worked with fellow outlaw Tobias Beckett during the reign of the Galactic Empire. Val was a no-nonsense and occasionally prickly woman who was a crack shot with a blaster rifle.



L3-37 was a feminine custom self-made piloting droid associated with Lando Calrissian who was active during the reign of the Galactic Empire. She was a one of a kind droid, assembling and improving herself with scraps of other droids, including her torso, which she pieced together from an old astromech. Her brain module began as part of an R3-series astromech droid, including data from an espionage droid, custom coding and protocol droid processors.


Enfys Nest & Swoop Bike:

Enfys Nest was a female human who led the Cloud-Riders, a band of pirates and rebels during the reign of the Galactic Empire. She was extremely dangerous and quickly forged a reputation as an infamous marauder.



Even though Hasbro’s care and attention of Star Wars merchandise has been in decline, and the resulting merchandise launch for Solo being mishandled the way that it has, one cannot argue with the quality of their work. The new fascial recognition software they are employing is affording both fans and collectors alike the most accurate representations of their Star Wars characters ever. Recent action figures like Han Solo, Lando Calrissian, Qi’Ra, Governor Tarkin, Rey (Island Journey), Captain Rex and DJ have all been superb and have raised the standard for the entire line.

Whether or not Hasbro pull their shocking distribution back from the brink remains to be seen. Both the UK and Europe are yet to see a full release for the Solo: A Star Wars Story range of action figures and vehicles almost TWO MONTHS after the same stock hit the shelves in the USA.

It is a recipe for disaster, and the long-suffering fans deserve better.

Until then, all we can do is continue to implore Hasbro for better distribution around the world. But the arrival of Val and L3-37 will undoubtedly sweeten the pot somewhat.

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