October 1, 2023
NECA | The Ultimate Fugitive Predator Action Figure Unveiled

The action figure specialists at NECA announce the arrival of the Ultimate in Predator collector’s items.

The incredible team at NECA have delivered incredibly screen accurate and highly detailed toys and action figures consistently for well over two decades. The pop culture giant has established itself as a leading creator, marketer, and global distributor of licensed consumer products based on some of the world’s most recognizable movies, video games, comic books, and pop culture.

Their incredible range of Predator action figures unveiled in conjunction with the release of Robert Rodriguez’s 2010 sequel Predators raised the bar of action figure accurateness and built upon the Predator figure heritage established during the Alien vs Predator movie series.

The classic Predator was recreated with incredible accuracy and proved to be a hit with fans all over the world. The Berserker Predator was one of the standout action figures from the line, and the inclusion of the Falconer Predator, the Predator Hound and the Tracker Predator only cemented the waves’ brilliance. The success of the Predators line led to the formation of the classic Predator collection, a series of figures from the original 1987 movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

NECA | The Ultimate Fugitive Predator Action Figure Unveiled

The classic original Predator was recreated with incredible detail and with its multiple points of articulation was incredibly poseable allowing the fans to recreate their favourite postures from the famous alien hunter. If that wasn’t enough to delight collectors the world over, NECA went on to release multiple versions of the hunter including a highly sought-after stealth Predator, but that paled in comparison to the action figure representation of Arnold Schwarzenegger. His character, Major Dutch Schaefer was treated to several amazing action figures including a mud-covered version, a camouflaged version, and even a “Predator view” infrared body heat version.

NECA | The Ultimate Fugitive Predator Action Figure Unveiled

NECA left no stone unturned and delivered a quintessential range of action figures that excelled beyond the fans’ wildest dreams. And these dreams were intensified tenfold with the release of their Predator 2 line. NECA created an incredible series of action figures depicting the fabled “Lost Tribe” a pack of Predators believed to have the ability to travel beyond the fabric of time, giving them the ability to hunt anywhere, in any time. It was an extraordinary range, a collection filled with some of the most lavish and bizarre Predators ever conceived, plucked straight from the sequel starring Danny Glover.

NECA | The Ultimate Fugitive Predator Action Figure Unveiled

In the years that followed, the fans began to worry that the Predator franchise was in decline and retirement was looming upon the horizon, but this year the Predator makes a triumphant return to the big screen. Visionary director Shane Black, cast as Hawkins in the original movie has taken the directors chair tasked with restoring the legacy of the franchise in his highly anticipated sequel The Predator. The pulse pounding trailer has revealed an all new collection of alien hunters that are set to stalk a whole new generation of unsuspecting human prey when the movie arrives on our cinema screens this September.

Not only are we set to embrace a new and terrifying genetically altered incarnation of the alien hunter, but a new classic Predator, affectionally named the “Fugitive” will arrive on earth for the hunt. And, in what will be music to the ears of Predator fans everywhere, the ever-reliable team at NECA are on hand to deliver another incredible collection of action figures from the movie.

First to be announced is the Fugitive Predator and we are delighted to bring you the first look at what will undoubtedly be a highly sought-after figure.


The Fugitive Predator stands over 8” tall and features over 30 points of articulation. Includes 2 interchangeable heads (masked and unmasked), interchangeable forearms, 4 interchangeable hands, 4 wrist blades, and articulated shoulder cannon.

This figure comes in a deluxe 5 panel window box with Velcro closure.

NECA’s Fugitive Predator looks amazing and will be an incredible addition to our Predator collection when it arrives on our shelves in August. Once again, NECA appears to have outdone themselves and produced another cutting-edge action figure on par with the best producers in the world. The option of changeable heads is a fantastic addition offering the fans a far grander action figure than previous incarnations. And, with the next mysterious release teased for September – who knows what lies in wait for us!

NECA | The Ultimate Fugitive Predator Action Figure Unveiled

The hunt has definitely evolved, on both the big screen and on the assembly line at NECA and the fans will soon be rewarded with another incredible wave of impressively detailed action figures.

Finally, it appears we are about to be treated to the first legitimate sequel to Schwarzenegger’s classic original Predator and with Shane Black at the helm, the fans can rest assured that the franchise in the right hands.

Happy hunting.

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Source: NECA

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