Batman: The Animated Series to Headline the New DC Universe Streaming Service

The dark knight is heading to the DC Universe streaming service in HD for the very first time.

Ask any Batman fan and they’ll tell you that Batman: The Animated Series is without a shadow of a doubt the most definitive incarnation of the Dark Knight ever to be put on film. Bruce Timm and his incredible production team at Warner Bros animation successfully crafted what has become the epitome of Batman adventures and delighted millions of fans worldwide.

Since its retirement, the series has become a cult icon, the recipient of a legacy that has never diminished. Star Wars icon Mark Hamill’s voice performance as The Joker has never been surpassed and the incredible vocal performance of Kevin Conroy as Batman has become the benchmark for all who have followed in his footsteps.

Batman: The Animated Series to Headline the New DC Universe Streaming Service

Therefore, it is with no real surprise that the all-new DC Universe streaming service has announced plans for the first two seasons of the cult classic series to be made available on its service in high definition for the very first time anywhere. The first two seasons will headline what will surely be a successful launch for the DC streaming service and ensure the foundations of what looks to be an incredible platform.

The medium is expected to launch this coming Autumn and will also feature the original Tim Burton Batman movies, as well as the entire collection of original Superman adventures starring Christopher Reeve. And, if that wasn’t enough to whet our appetites, a whole host of made-to-order content will also debut on the service over the next year including all-new television series’ for Swamp Thing, Teen Titans and Harley Quinn.

Batman: The Animated Series to Headline the New DC Universe Streaming Service

The studio has now released our first look at Robin from the new Teen Titans series which has been rebranded as Titans. Batman’s traditional sidekick is pictured against the backdrop of a dark and gloomy Gotham City and covered in bloody scratches and battle injuries.

Batman: The Animated Series to Headline the New DC Universe Streaming Service

The DC Universe streaming service is shaping up to be an incredible platform for its fans to immerse themselves in some of the best DC Comics content anywhere in the world. With the inclusion of an extensive database of digital comic book titles, DC is offering something that has never been attempted before, a tailor-made service where the fans of the DC Universe can find anything and everything they could ever dream of. Sadly, no pricing structure has been announced as of press time and the system appears to be confined to the United States for its launch date but that will almost certainly be rectified in the coming months.

Even though the stuttering DCEU is failing to appease its fans, the team behind the DC Universe streaming service can’t do any wrong just now. With such incredible content headed our way, surely we can expect to immerse ourselves in the best streaming experience since Netflix first arrived on our screens. And, headlining this entertainment package is Batman: The Animated Series.

Get ready to return to Gotham City for the first time in glorious High Definition very soon.


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