December 8, 2022

Han Solo, Enfys Nest, The Death Trooper and Assault Tank Driver are heading to a store near you…

Hasbro has released a glut of new images of the highly anticipated second wave of Star Wars: The Vintage Collection action figures featuring characters from both Solo: A Star Wars Story and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Star Wars: The Vintage Collection | Wave 2 Images Released

The major detraction from the standard series of action figures released for the launch of Solo: A Star Wars Story was the omission of a Han Solo figure from the single carded variants. Sure, you could buy him with the Millennium Falcon, M-68 Land Speeder or Force Link 2.0 starter set, but besides these awesome sets, you just couldn’t get your hands on one!

But now, Hasbro is about to restore the balance by releasing our first legitimate Han Solo action figure in their stellar Vintage Collection. The young Han Solo will headline the wave which also includes Solo: A Star Wars Story character Enfys Nest and Rogue One’s Death Trooper and Assault Tank Driver.

Han Solo:


Enfys Nest:


Death Trooper:


Assault Tank Driver:


Hasbro is knocking their action figures out of the park just now and the Solo: A Star Wars Story collection is no exception. These highly detailed and articulated action figures are expected to arrive on store shelves and online vendors by the end of August with many already available for pre-order. Get ahead of the game and pre-order yours while stocks last.

Happy hunting.


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