Robin Steps Out of Batman’s Shadow in the Debut Trailer for DC Universe Series Titans

Brendan Thwaites dons the Robin costume for his DC Universe debut

Robin has always been the butt of many a joke in the DC Universe. Typically typecast as Batman’s sidekick, Dick Grayson has struggled to emerge from the Dark Knight’s shadow until a split from Bruce Wayne facilitated his evolution into the lethal vigilante, Nightwing.

Despite this break from tradition, Robin has always carried the burden of the tights-wearing comic relief from the all-time classic Batman series starring the great Adam West and Burt Ward. Ward’s interpretation of the character has and will always be known as the greatest incarnation of the character but his light-hearted and often comical approach restricted the characters’ growth for decades.

But that is about to change.

Robin Steps Out of Batman’s Shadow in the Debut Trailer for DC Universe Series Titans


The brand new DC streaming service, aptly named DC Universe will be premiering an all-new series based on the Titans comic book which will see Robin taking on a whole new lease of life. Brendan Thwaites will be taking over the mantle as the caped crusader, but his incarnation of Robin will be dark, brutal and will boast an attitude that would give the Dark Knight himself a run for his money. The upcoming action-drama will find Robin and Raven tracking down the other members of the Titans team when a threat arrives that menaces the world as we know it.

Thankfully, the team from DC Universe were on hand at San Diego Comic-Con to unveil the all-new trailer for the series which you can watch here:

In light of this hard-edged and visceral new trailer, it goes without saying that this incarnation of Robin will finally put an end to the stereotypical anecdotes of the last few decades and legitimise Dick Grayson as a crime fighter in his own right. The show has been developed by Akiva Goldsman (Batman & Robin), Geoff Johns and Greg Berlanti (Arrow) and will be made available exclusively to the upcoming DC Universe streaming service later this year.

Robin Steps Out of Batman’s Shadow in the Debut Trailer for DC Universe Series Titans

Unfortunately, the service is currently only being made available to fans in the United States, but with the world eager to be involved in the action, surely it is only a matter of time before the DC Universe wakes up and smells the coffee. Until this short-sighted approach is banished from the boardroom at Warner Bros, the rest of the world will be forced to act as the hungry orphan Oliver, practically begging for more than just trailers and scraps.

Robin Steps Out of Batman’s Shadow in the Debut Trailer for DC Universe Series Titans

Titans will debut on the DC Universe streaming service this Autumn.


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Source: IGN


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