December 5, 2022

Hasbro has unveiled an abundance of incredible Star Wars action figures at SDCC

You have to give Hasbro credit because when they arrive at a major event to showcase their new incredible products they never seem to do things by halves, and San Diego Comic-Con 2018 was no exception.

Not only did they ensure the event was littered with an array of exclusive new action figures, but they also wowed the crowds when they revealed what we can expect to arrive in our collections in the coming months. Get your first close up look here and start saving your credits…because you’re going to need a mortgage!

SDCC Exclusives:

SDCC | New Star Wars Figure Reveals from the Hasbro Panel

Future Releases:

Star Wars: The Vintage Collection 3 ¾”

Star Wars: Force Link 2.0 (Solo: A Star Wars Story)

Star Wars: Playsets (Solo: A Star Wars Story)

Star Wars: The Black Series

Star Wars: The Archive Collection (With Photo Real face recognition)

If this new range of Star Wars joy isn’t enough to propel your inner child into a delirium, Hasbro has announced plans to employ the new Photo Real facial recognition software that has revolutionised the Black Series range and apply it to the Vintage Collection. Never before has an action figure manufacturer produced a range with this kind of technology – meaning future Vintage Collection figures will look better than ever.

Bravo Hasbro.

The new Vintage Collection action figures are set to hit the market in early 2019 with the new Black Series range expected to be released in the coming months. Time to start saving those pennies folks, 2019 is going to be expensive!


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