Black Series Review: Moloch (Target Exclusive) | Solo: A Star Wars Story

The notorious leader of the White Worm Enforcers arrives to dominate your Black Series collection

Moloch is Hasbro’s latest release from Solo: A Star Wars Story. This is the third exclusive action figure from the movie, the two others being the Mimban Stormtrooper and Chewbacca (Vandor). This one is a Target exclusive in the US and in Europe, it can be found at online retailers that import figures from across the pond. Later this year, fans will be able to get their hands on Val, L3-37, the Imperial Patrol Trooper and Rio Durant from Solo and next year Han Solo (Mudtrooper) and Dryden Vos will be hitting our shelves.

Moloch doesn’t come with the standard size Black Series box, it’s a much bigger package as this figure is quite huge (tall and large). He doesn’t get a lot of screen time in the movie but it’s nice that Hasbro is producing more aliens and has made a diverse range of characters from this movie. Having Moloch and Qi’Ra (Corellia) gives me hope that Han Solo (Corellia) is not far behind, and that would be great to complete the scene and a Corellian Hound would be more than welcome!

Black Series Review: Moloch (Target Exclusive) | Solo: A Star Wars Story

The figure has 3 accessories – his staff, his blaster pistol and the removable part of his helmet. You don’t get to see the details on the staff, which is too bad because if you’ve looked at the visual dictionary it’s really spooky! However, the paint apps are accurate. The blaster is nicely detailed and well painted, it fits without any problems in the holster. As for the helmet, the lower part always stays attached to the figure (like in the movie) and the upper part can be removed to reveal Moloch’s true face.

The helmet has great paint apps! The face has not had the benefit of the digital print tech since it’s an alien with a peculiar face. The eyes are obviously not the same sort of eyes as a human and clearly it wasn’t possible to get that technology. However, this is not a major detraction since the face remains detailed and nicely painted, it’s really faithful to the movie.

Up Close:

The clothes are made of a very soft plastic, softer than for example DJ’s coat or Jedi’s robes. The use of this plastic works well and it’s something that I think they should use for capes from now on. It looks less rigid than the usual plastic they use and so adds more realism to the piece of clothing and its texture. You can notice some dirt on Moloch’s clothes, after all, he lives in the sewers of Corellia, this ain’t a clean place! There’s a surprise when you look under the figure you can see Moloch’s body, he doesn’t have legs, he’s a White Worm just like Lady Proxima, as his species’ name indicate he is a worm. That’s a nice detail that Hasbro included with the figure! Moloch has only 8 points of articulation as he doesn’t have legs.

Black Series Review: Moloch (Target Exclusive) | Solo: A Star Wars Story

Final Thoughts:

This figure is a definite buy for fans of Solo: A Star Wars Story, it’s a huge figure and is highly detailed. The only problem for fans living in Europe is the overinflated price, it’s way too expensive!


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