January 28, 2023
Comic Review | Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith - Volume Three (The Burning Seas)

The Dark Lord of the Sith cements his status as the most feared entity in the galaxy far, far away…

Star Wars fans will always remember the moment Darth Vader entered the corridors of the Tantive IV in A New Hope. The dark-suited, machine breathing, Imperial enforcing villain won fans the world over. Through the original trilogy we know he was once Anakin Skywalker, Jedi Knight and father to Luke and Leia. In the prequel trilogy and The Clone Wars movie and series, we gather that Anakin was one of the most gifted and powerful Jedi during his time. Some even would claim him to be ‘the chosen one’. One that is to bring balance to the force. In Revenge of the Sith, we see Anakin become Darth Vader and do not see him in another cinematic film until his arrival in A New Hope. Many fans wondered what Vader was like in those early dark days. With Darth Vader: Darth Lord of the Sith comic book series, we don’t have to wonder anymore. I previously did a breakdown of volumes one and two. Now, let us explore volume 3, The Burning Seas.


In volume three, it has been a year since the evil Emperor Palpatine has ascended to rule over the galaxy. He tells Lord Vader that it is time for the citizens of the galaxy to understand that his voice is the only one that truly matters. To show his power and might, Vader is sent to Mon Cala to assist with a difficult negotiating situation. The Emperor sensed that the King of Mon Cala, Lee-Char, is being advised by more than just his Mon Calamari Council. With the assistance of some Inquisitors, Vader’s mission was to find whoever is aiding King Lee-Char with his arbitration.

Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith | Volume Three Breakdown

Governor Tarkin was already at Mon Cala, overseeing the talks between the Empire and the Mon Calamari when Vader arrived at the planet. At the same time of Vader’s entrance, an Imperial transporter leaving the negotiation talk was mysteriously shot down. This only intensified the ongoing deliberation between the two sides. Tarkin sent his full force on an all-out attack of the planet. The Mon Calamari decided to take refuge underwater and prepare for the upcoming fight.  With a battle upon them, King Lee-Char called on his mysterious ally for guidance…Jedi Master Barr.

Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith | Volume Three Breakdown

As the clash for Mon Cala escalated, Vader easily found Lee-Char and made him divulge his secret alliance with Master Jedi Barr. Vader sent the Inquisitors after the Jedi Master and his pupils. Barr and his young followers knew it was time to escape but the Inquisitors eventually sniffed them out of their hiding place on Mon Cala. Barr was the only one to escape and survive the Inquisitors attack. He then rushed to confront Vader and end his dark rule over the galaxy. As the two foes fought, Barr explained that it was he who had blown up Imperial transporter, thus starting the horrible conflict. In the end, Vader triumphed, defeated Master Barr and arrested King Lee-Char.

All was not lost for the Mon Calamari. Admiral Raddus and Commander Ackbar were able to defend their people and escape with many of their Mon Cala brethren. Aboard their ships, they would continue to fight the Empire in space, and help assist in their eventual demise. As Master Barr told King Lee-Char before he died, “Your people’s vessels will be a symbol of freedom and defiance across the galaxy.”

Comic Review | Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith - Volume Three (The Burning Seas)


The final part of The Burning Seas takes place in the Outer Rim on Chandar’s Folly. As a debt to Vader for his help on Mon Cala, Tarkin agreed to go on a hunt…for Vader himself. With some expendable bounty hunters, Tarkin agreed to grant Vader his odd request. For eight days they attempted to hunt and capture Vader. For eight days Vader killed the bounty hunters one by one. Tarkin believed he had successfully trapped Vader, but he used the force and choked Tarkin to win.


This particular volume was jam-packed with Clone Wars references. Starting with the planet itself, Mon Cala. We met Ackbar and King Lee-Char during the Mon Cala arc in season four of the show. In the comic, there are some beautiful flashback scenes where Vader is remembering back to that point in his life. One of which is of Padmé, Ahsoka and himself listening to King Lee-Char speak. Another reference we get is from Rogue One with Admiral Raddus. Tarkin at one point acknowledged the Admiral’s strength in military tactics. The majority of the volume took place on Mon Cala, but there was an interesting part when Tarkin hunted Vader. It was fascinating to read Tarkin’s account of the event. He admired Vader and was grateful that he was on the Empire’s side. It also showed how dark Vader truly was, and how much the light had faded away. Anakin was just a memory to Darth Vader, but a memory and past that lingered inside him constantly.

Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith | Volume Three Breakdown

I can’t express enough how the artwork is just stunning in this series so far! In my opinion, it is by far the best from the Marvel Star Wars comics. The writing has been superb as well. There is a lot of force lore written in this series that dives deep into its mythology. Being able to see how it all connects to the larger universe has been exciting.

Let me know what you all think! Have you read The Burning Seas? If so, what are your thoughts on it? Sound off on the comment section and let’s discuss!

And as always, may the force be with you!


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