The Mandalorian | Jon Favreau Teases the Reintroduction of a Fett Classic

Jon Favreau returns to the Star Wars Holiday Special for Mandalorian inspiration

Star Wars fans love a Mandalorian.

In the wake of Jon Favreau announcing the title of his all-new Star Wars series, fans of Boba and Jango Fett have been clamouring for news about the show which is heading to the Disney Streaming Service in 2019.

The glorious image of The Mandalorian warrior patrolling the streets of the Outer Rim territories sent Star Wars fans into a delirium. The prospect of an entire series devoted to a lone gunfighter on a mission to bring justice to the denizens of the galaxy has excited us all, but another recent revelation has given us cause to celebrate further.

The Mandalorian | Jon Favreau Teases the Reintroduction of a Fett Classic

Like J.J Abrams and Ron Howard before him, Jon Favreau has taken to social media and teased us with an image from the set. The image reveals our first look at the weapon our new Mandalorian warrior will be wielding in the show and Star Wars fans will instantly recognise it as a blast from the past. The Mandalorian‘s weapon of choice is a slightly reinvented version of Boba Fett‘s Pronged Plasma Rifle from the Star Wars animated short released during the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special.

If that wasn’t enough to whet our appetites and send the Fett lovers amongst us into a delirium, Favreau released a second image from the set which appears to confirm the return of the famous ice cream maker carried by Willrow Hood during the evacuation of Cloud City in the finale of The Empire Strikes Back.

With Favreau digging into the archives of the Star Wars universe and bringing back classic elements from the original trilogy, we are sure to be in for a rollercoaster ride of Star Wars awesomeness when The Mandalorian arrives on our screens next year. Being a Star Wars fan, and better yet a Boba Fett mega fan, Jon Favreau is the perfect choice as showrunner of this incredible looking new series and the team here at The Future of the Force cannot wait to immerse ourselves in its brilliance. Long may he continue to tantalise us with these images from the set. They bring us a little bit closer to the project and serve to trigger both our nostalgia and excitement.

Keep up the good work Jon.


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