September 26, 2022
Black Series Review: Imperial Patrol Trooper | Solo A Star Wars Story

Patrol the streets of Corellia with the new Star Wars Imperial Patrol Trooper from Hasbro

Hasbro loves making troopers and they didn’t pass on the opportunity to make the Imperial Patrol Trooper from Solo: A Star Wars Story! He’s the urban version of the Scout Trooper and pilots a brand new speeder. However, I’m just surprised Hasbro didn’t make the speeder, that would have been an instant seller and top of every fans Christmas list. It’s disappointing to have just the figure without its vehicle.

Nevertheless, the Imperial Patrol Trooper is another great addition to the Imperial Ranks. You definitely see the similarities it has with the Scout Trooper in terms of how it looks. The boots and the pants are similar to the Hovertank pilot from Rogue One. As for the helmet, it’s a variation of the Stormtrooper helmet. I love how it took things from other troopers to make a brand new trooper.


This figure is screen accurate, but the paint application is a bit sloppy here and there, definitely not the best paint app of this year. It has a lot of articulation – 20 points! And that would have been perfect articulation for a figure with a vehicle, hopefully, Hasbro will produce the Patrol Speeder in the near future.

Up Close:

Final Thoughts:

The Patrol Trooper comes with two accessories – a blaster pistol and something that I believe could be a baton (which would make sense considering it’s an urban trooper). The blaster is similar to the Scout Trooper’s blaster but it has different paint apps. It fits well in the holster. And there’s also a “holster” for the baton.


Overall, the Imperial Patrol Trooper is a good solid figure and a great addition to the Imperial ranks!


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