Will the Trailer for Avengers 4 Spoil the Plot of Captain Marvel?

Will the events of the new Avengers trailer reveal the outcome of Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel?

Last month Captain Marvel FINALLY debuted its first trailer, wowing fans around the world and delighting us with a tease at the MCU’s first female-led standalone film. Over the past month, I’ve seen the trailer at least eight times and I couldn’t be more excited to see the movie in all of its awesome glory. But, clearly, the trailer we’re all truly waiting for is the teaser for the still-untitled Avengers 4 (rumoured to be Avengers: Annihilation).

Will the Trailer for Avengers 4 Spoil the Plot of Captain Marvel?

Avengers: Infinity War blew my mind in ways that I wasn’t expecting it to be blown. Characters I didn’t think would die perished (Loki, Heimdall, Gamora) and Thanos ended up victorious at the end of the film leaving me frantically (but patiently) wondering what was going to happen next.

Will the Trailer for Avengers 4 Spoil the Plot of Captain Marvel?

Well, just recently Kevin Feige announced that we would be getting a trailer for the highly anticipated Avengers sequel by the end of the year and while that is thrilling news it also is a bit worrying as well. When Black Panther was a few months from coming to theaters the teaser for Infinity War was released and while there were a lot of missing plotlines in the film’s teaser it did highlight T’Challa as the new King of Wakanda. Now, this would prove to be a major spoiler for the upcoming Black Panther movie considering that halfway through the film T’Challa was defeated by Erik Killmonger in ritual combat and was supposedly killed.

Will the Trailer for Avengers 4 Spoil the Plot of Captain Marvel?

Now, if I hadn’t seen the Infinity War trailer that surprise twist involving T’Challa’s defeat may have been more shocking than it was but because I knew he was alive in Infinity War it undermined that surprise development in the film greatly. You see, I’m very excited about the Avengers 4 trailer. But I am a tad bit worried that it’ll spoil some surprises that Captain Marvel will have to offer. And with Captain Marvel being one of the heroes we’re most excited to see in this Avengers sequel there’s no doubt that we will see at least one incredible money shot of her ready for battle in the upcoming trailer.

Will the Trailer for Avengers 4 Spoil the Plot of Captain Marvel?

Whether the teaser spoils some elements to the Captain Marvel movie is yet to be seen but at the end of the day, I am beyond excited to see this movie trailer.

Do you share my concerns? Drop me a line and share your thoughts.


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