Book Review | Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy

Amy Ratcliffe’s Women of the Galaxy will candidly inspire and empower female Star Wars fans across the globe…

They are heroes and villains, Sith and Jedi, senators and scoundrels, mothers, mercenaries, artists, pilots. . . .

When Star Wars came out in 1977, the shift toward a strong female character came with it. Leia Organa won the hearts and minds of Star Wars fans the world over. Her character has since opened the door to a multitude of new female characters within the Star Wars universe. In the new book Women of the Galaxy, author Amy Radcliffe highlights seventy-five of these remarkable and fierce characters. From heroes to villains, there is a wonderful blend of fascinating female characters that are explored. Each character has a nice background story written along with the outstanding artwork.

Let’s dig into this marvellous book further.

Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy | By Amy Ratcliffe

Book Review | Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy

The brilliant part of Women of the Galaxy is the mix of female characters that are discussed. From our beloved hero characters to the downright shady, the book has every type covered. The Padmé, Leia, Rey and Ahsoka Tano sections of the book will bring huge smiles to all Star Wars fans. The job Amy Ratcliffe does in telling the background stories of the well-known characters is truly incredible. What readers will really enjoy are the stories of the lesser-known characters. From Aayla Secura to Trios, the book identifies where fans can find out more about these outstanding female characters. Fans will relish in reading how each of these keen female characters shaped the galaxy for better or for worse. Even a droid like R2-KT can make a difference in a galaxy far, far away…

Book Review | Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy
Artwork by Karen Hallion


What readers will also absolutely love and enjoy is the artwork that is on full display in Women of the Galaxy. All of it is gorgeous and awe-inspiring. Each character has at least one drawing to go with their brief description. One that really stands out for me is the Ahsoka/Vader piece. The emotional impact of that moment from Star Wars: Rebels is captured magnificently by artist Sara Kipin. A drawing that took me by surprise was Phasma as a young girl without a mask on. To see how this character might look under her chrome stormtrooper suit is something that fans will enjoy. There are eighteen different artists that contributed to the book, each bringing a unique style. The contrasting styles gave each character a fresh and distinctive look.

Book Review | Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy
Artwork by Jenny Parks

The seventy-five female characters featured in Women of the Galaxy come from all different walks of life, just like Star Wars fans. As a female fan, I thoroughly appreciated reading about all of these intriguing and influential female characters. No matter organic or droid, these ladies of the galaxy are truly spectacular.

Book Review | Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy
Artwork by Christina Chung

To know that a younger generation will be growing up with strong female characters is honestly exciting. Much praise must go to the late Carrie Fisher. Her portrayal of Leia Organa set the tone for all female Star Wars characters moving forward. Her wit, charm, and no-nonsense attitude formed the character fans fell in love with. Whether a Princess or a bounty hunter, women characters play an important role in the Star Wars universe. Women of the Galaxy will candidly inspire and empower female Star Wars fans across the globe. It is a tremendous time to be a female fan of this great franchise, and the future seems bright.

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