Aquaman | The Character Posters Are Unleashed!

Warner Bros. unleashes 7 glorious new character posters…

With the busy festive period fast approaching, fans of the DC Universe are counting down the days until the release of James Wan’s highly anticipated entry into the DC Cinematic Universe, Aquaman. Jason Momoa’s first outing as the Atlantean warrior in the Justice League movie was nothing short of a character assassination with many of the characters famous traits either underutilised or omitted entirely. But, when his solo outing hits our screens in December fans are set for a rollercoaster adventure ride boasting many of the elements that brought the character to fruition in DC Comics.

The newest five-minute mega trailer was nothing short of spectacular, and to emphasize its awesomeness Warner Bros. has released SEVEN incredibly vivid new posters featuring the would be king of Atlantis and the fabulous characters of the undersea kingdom.

Aquaman | The Character Posters Are Unleashed!


The combination of these new posters and the gloriousness of the mega trailer has easily dispelled any concerns I had about the legitimacy of Aquaman’s first solo outing and I cannot wait to take my seat at my local IMAX theatre for a journey into the deepest recesses of earth’s oceans.

The king of Atlantis is here to reclaim his throne, and long may he reign.

Aquaman arrives in cinemas on December 21st in the USA and December 14th in the UK.


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