December 11, 2023

Wonder Woman arrives to deliver some Themysciran awesomeness to the Justice League Medicom Toys Mafex collection!

WONDER WOMAN is the last member of the Justice League to be released by Medicom Toys’ MAFEX range. It’s the third incarnation of the character they have produced to date. The first figure to be released was the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice version which was swiftly followed by the Wonder Woman solo movie incarnation. They weren’t exactly amazing, in fact, they had a lot of issues. Since then MAFEX has worked tirelessly to improve upon the quality of their figures and I am delighted to report that the Justice League version is the definitive version of this figure in a 6inch scale, even surpassing S.H. Figuarts’ recent efforts.

Wonder Woman comes with two interchangeable heads, 8 interchangeable hands, her sword, shield, the lasso of truth, the lasso of truth in action mode, and the Amazonian Mother Box along with the classic figure stand. I really love that MAFEX included the Mother Boxes as accessories with the last three Justice League figures, that was a really good idea!

Justice League Review | Wonder Woman MAFEX (Medicom Toys)

The two heads are out of this world. They’re really impressive especially the second one, once again, I have to say these are Hot Toys quality! It’s just mind-blowing what companies like Medicom and Bandai are producing nowadays. The quality of the facial recognition software is incredible and that is all the more evident with Wonder Woman,  it’s spot-on Gal Gadot!

Justice League Review | Wonder Woman MAFEX (Medicom Toys)

The body of the figure remains more or less the same as the two previous MAFEX action figures but all the issues it had with loose joints have been fixed and it has a more detailed and accurate paint app! This time the sword can be attached to her back. She has 21 points of articulation!

Justice League Review | Wonder Woman MAFEX (Medicom Toys)



Final Thoughts:

This is a must-have figure for DC fans and is the definitive version of the character in the 6inch size! With the seven figures from Justice League, MAFEX has achieved new standards in the 6inch scale that will be difficult to top. This company has got better and better and is now the best in terms of quality and likeness to the characters. This obviously comes with higher prices but it’s really worth it, you won’t regret it! Wonder Woman and Batman have to be my favorite of the lot, they’re beyond amazing!

Another figure from Justice League is scheduled for release in March – Bruce Wayne who comes complete with all-new accessories to go with the Batman Tactical suit figure!


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  1. Thanks for this review. I just ordered this WW figure. Glad to hear that it has improved QC. Most of my articulated action figures are SHF.

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