Has Peter Jackson Lost His Way?

Annlyel explores the decline of one of the greatest writer/directors of our time…

Peter Jackson is one of the greatest and most acclaimed directors of all time for his ability to bring one of the most epic fictional novels to the big screen, The Lord of the Rings. He even won a well-deserved Oscar for the incredible Oscar-winning finale, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. There was a time when the name Peter Jackson truly meant something special. He was even considered in the same league as the great Steven Spielberg!

Has Peter Jackson Lost His Way?


And yet, unlike Spielberg, he hasn’t been able to replicate the same genius that he seemed to possess while making The Lord of the Rings films. He directed a modernized King Kong film which was nowhere near the level of epic that it could’ve been. He decided to bring The Hobbit Trilogy to the big screen and those films were mostly remembered for being awful rather than the epic masterpieces they could’ve been. And now, on December 14, Peter Jackson is at the helm of another fictional epic-turned-big budget-movie, Mortal Engines.

Has Peter Jackson Lost His Way?

At one time the very name Peter Jackson enticed you to watch whatever film he was making. Now, after the overall disappointment cast by The Hobbit Trilogy, he has legitimately become a one-hit wonder director and his new film, Mortal Engines, proves that on all sorts of levels. I haven’t even watched the movie and I don’t want to. I remember seeing Mortal Engine‘s trailer in the movie theaters and I still wasn’t impressed. The cinematography was eye-catching in the same way that The Hobbit is a stunning movie but I knew for a fact the movie wasn’t going to be good. And my predictions have been confirmed by several reviews and the film’s dismal 36% Rotten Tomatoes score.

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It’s honestly a shame. Peter Jackson is still one of the greatest directors of all time because of the incredible feat he was able to pull off with The Lord of the Rings but if he keeps on this downward spiral his achievements will be buried beneath a mountain of disappointment.

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