Aquaman Breaks the $200 Million Domestic Barrier Surpassing Wonder Woman

James Wan’s DC Blockbuster reigns supreme at the box office!

Finally, the DC Universe has something other than Wonder Woman to celebrate.

The current crop of DCEU blockbusters have proven to be some of the most divisive movies ever made with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League splitting fans down the middle, and yet Gal Gadot’s superb Wonder Woman solo outing was embraced emphatically. Zack Snyder’s relinquishment of the director’s chair paid dividends and Patty Jenkins’ DC masterpiece flourished under her expert tutelage whilst breaking free from the baggage associated with her predecessors’ style.

Can Aquaman Restore Our Faith In The DCEU

Enter Aquaman.

James Wan’s underwater wonderland exploded onto our cinema screens this past December to worldwide critical acclaim and has since dominated the worldwide box office, and rightly so. Our team has fallen in love with DC’s latest offering and have been bowled over by its sheer brilliance, and it looks as if the rest of the world agrees with us.
This past holiday weekend, Aquaman passed the $200 million domestic barrier catapulting Jason Momoa’s solo outing to a worldwide reward of over $822 million dollars.

If that wasn’t enough to ensure Aquaman‘s sea legs, the movie has now surpassed Wonder Woman‘s worldwide box office total of 821.8 million dollars and has now set its sights on Batman v Superman‘s $873.6 million-dollar bumper haul.

Aquaman Breaks the $200 Million Domestic Barrier Surpassing Wonder Woman

Aquaman‘s immense success has proven what the DC Universe is capable of with the right person at the helm. Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman was a breath of fresh air at a time where the demanding and excessively dark narratives at play in Man of Steel and Batman v Superman had proven to be too much to digest for some fans. James Wan, on the other hand, has crafted a cultural masterpiece of filmmaking which easily rivals Ryan Coogler’s efforts on Marvel’s Black Panther. Atlantis is every bit, if not more mesmerising than the Kingdom of Wakanda and its people just as diverse which is an exciting prospect for future adventures beneath the waves. And, with Shazam! Just around the corner and Wonder Woman 1984 looming on the horizon, it is an exciting time to be a fan of the DCEU.

The DC Universe is back where it belongs, and long may it reign.

Aquaman is playing in cinemas worldwide now, and Shazam! is set for release this April.


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