September 27, 2023
Star Wars | Unforgettable Moments: BB-8

Annlyel concludes her deep-dive into the characters of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and reveals the scenes that made her an immediate fan of the lovable BB-8

To be honest, when I saw BB-8 for the first time in the teaser for The Force Awakens I wasn’t into him. In fact, I legitimately disliked him. To me, it felt like he was an R2-D2 head on a soccer ball. How boring was that? When the movie was getting closer and closer to coming out people were saying how cute the droid was and I couldn’t understand it.

Star Wars | Unforgettable Moments: BB-8

When I watched the Red Carpet event for The Force Awakens and BB-8 came rolling out beeping and turning his domed head this way and that I started to warm up to him. In fact, he was kind of cute. It wasn’t however until I watched the film that my love for this droid soared and I found myself a fan of BB-8. I wanted to own one of the Brookstone BB-8 toys so I could roll him around the house because he was that downright cute, lovable, and awesome. But of course, there was a single moment in The Force Awakens that would change my view of him forever.

Star Wars | The Evolution of the Heroine's Journey

BB-8: Meeting Rey

I was already interested in BB-8, considering that he was the first character we were introduced to in the movie but it was his first interaction with Rey that utterly melted my heart. Even to this day when I watch that heartwarming scene between him and Rey, it brings a smile to my face. BB-8 is such an amazing droid and after The Force Awakens, he easily became my favorite droid of all time, surpassing the likes of even C-3PO and R2-D2.

Star Wars | Unforgettable Moments: BB-8

He’s such a fascinating character and I can’t wait to see what new tricks he’ll present in Episode IX.

BB-8 is the best. 🙂


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