Shazam! May Be The Surprise Triumph of the Spring Movie Season

Annlyel reveals why Shazam! may be a surprise box office smash for the DCEU

When I saw the first trailer for Shazam last summer I wasn’t very interested at all. I was still skeptical about Aquaman‘s chances of being enjoyable. After watching Aquaman, however, my faith in DC Comics has risen exponentially and now I find myself actually a bit excited for Shazam! if I’m being honest.

Shazam! May Be The Surprise Triumph of the Spring Movie Season

Recently I revisited the trailer and I was pleasantly surprised at how little information about the movie the teaser showed. We were introduced to the main characters, a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it appearance of the film’s primary antagonist, Dr Sivana, and that was about it. A second trailer is set to arrive sometime this month and I’m actually excited to see it. And that’s what has been so brilliant about the marketing for this film.

Shazam! May Be The Surprise Triumph of the Spring Movie Season

It has stayed under the radar so much that now I’m interested in the movie. I want to know a little more about the villain, I want to see a bit more of the film, and I want to get a greater idea of what to expect from this playful hero.


If you had told me last year that I would be anxiously awaiting the trailer for Shazam! I would’ve laughed but after my shock at how good Aquaman was, a film I was not at all enthusiastic to watch, I’m legitimately ready for what DC Comics has next to offer.

Shazam! | New Poster Unveiled


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