The Five Moments I'm Excited to See in 'Avengers: Endgame'

Annlyel reveals the moments she can’t wait to see in Marvel Studios’ upcoming superhero smackdown!

It’s only a few months until Avengers: Endgame arrives in theaters, a thrilling prospect. Since the first time I watched Infinity War I have been patiently waiting for the moment to arise when we’ll get to see the conclusion to this fantastic story. And now, with the film approaching so rapidly, the time is drawing closer and closer when I’ll finally get to see what happens next. Of course, leading up to the movie, there are potential things that I’m most excited to see in the film and that’s how this post came to fruition. So, here are the five moments I’m most excited to see in Avengers: Endgame.

It's Here | The Trailer for Avengers: EndGame has Arrived


1. Steve Rogers and Tony Stark’s Reunion

After recently watching Captain America: Civil War I remembered that while we got to see what happened to nearly all of the characters after the fracturing events of Civil War–excluding Hawkeye who has now adopted the new alias, Ronin–there are still many things that haven’t been resolved. One of those unresolved issues is Captain America and Iron Man’s fallout. At the end of Civil War, these two characters were enemies. So much so, that even when it was tantamount to call Steve Rogers after Bruce Banner’s startling warning that the end of the world was near Tony Stark found it very difficult to call Steve for help. Unfortunately, they never reunited in Infinity War but their delayed reunion is bound to happen in Endgame. That’ll be an emotional moment.

After everything that these two heroes have gone through I’m sure they will be at least partially relieved to see each other alive and well. I’m already bracing myself for the potential waterworks.

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2. Captain Marvel Meets The Avengers

On March 8 the world will be introduced to the latest new member of the MCU, Captain Marvel, and I am beyond excited to see her standalone film. But what’s even an even more thrilling prospect is the clear fact that we’ll see her join The Avengers in the fight against Thanos. That’s going to be a grin-inducing moment for sure. I can’t wait to see which heroes she gravitates to the most and how The Avengers react to her in turn. *squeal* Gosh, I’m excited!

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3. Clint Barton’s Return

In the trailer for Avengers: Endgame we finally got to see Clint Barton but he wasn’t the hero I remembered. He was a new hero who went by the name of Ronin. As evident from his distraught expression on the trailer he’s probably lost his family due to Thanos’s Infinity Snap and, judging from the dead bodies, he’s probably gone on a revenge tour. I want more than a clip though. I can’t wait to see his interaction with Natasha and to learn just what has happened to him in the past few years since we last saw him. Besides, I want to see his sweet skills with that sword. 🙂

Avengers: EndGame | Trailer Reactions

4. They’re Alive!

Infinity War was already a fantastic movie with plot twists at every turn but what was even more shocking were the deaths. I went into the movie knowing heroes would perish but I really wasn’t expecting what happened at the conclusion of the film. It was so jarring in fact that it was instantly believed that the heroes would be resurrected, considering that Spider-Man, Black Panther, and Doctor Strange–three characters who died–have already been announced to have sequels.

I’m very confident that at some point in the movie the dead heroes will be brought back to life and I absolutely can’t wait to see that happen.

The Five Moments I'm Excited to See in 'Avengers: Endgame'


5. Thanos vs. Everyone

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that there will be a climactic battle between Thanos and every single hero in the MCU so far, that’s including the currently dead superheroes as well. Some of the actors have already announced filming epic scenes that involved all of the heroes in the MCU at once and that can only mean something as epic as this potential battle. If there is an incredible action scene like this it will easily be one of the most visually outstanding achievements that have ever been brought to the big screen.

The Five Moments I'm Excited to See in 'Avengers: Endgame'

Surely, there will be many other moments to get excited about in this film and I can’t wait to one day write about them all. Until then, I will prepare for the most important thing at hand; preparing for Captain Marvel.


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