February 5, 2023
Captain Marvel | The Super Bowl Trailer Shoots for the Stars

Higher. Further. Faster. Brie Larson aims for the stars in the big game trailer for Captain Marvel

This past Sunday all eyes were on the Super Bowl. Despite being one of the biggest sporting spectacles of the year, millions of fans tune in year on year to watch the half time show where many of the biggest movie studios in the world showcase their upcoming blockbusters.

2019 was no different. On the back of another teaser trailer for the upcoming Fast & Furious spin-off Hobbs & Shaw, it was Disney that stole the show with all-new high-octane trailers for Toy Story 4, Avengers Endgame and Brie Larson’s highly anticipated Captain Marvel.

Captain Marvel | The Super Bowl Trailer Shoots for the Stars

Fans are gearing up to what promises to be a stellar curtain raiser to Marvel’s theatrical year and the trailer did not disappoint. Despite its sparing thirty-second runtime, the trailer is bursting with high-octane action which is sure to get the Marvel juices flowing.

Higher. Further. Faster is right. Brie Larson looks fantastic and Captain Marvel is destined to kick-off Marvel’s year in style.

Captain Marvel hits cinemas on March 8th.


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