September 30, 2023
Walt Disney Imagineering | A1000 Advanced Robotics (Hondo Ohnaka)

The infamous Hondo Ohnaka will be ready to greet you at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Will you be making the pilgrimage to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge?

Like most fans around the world, the anticipation of partaking on a journey into the realm of the galaxy far, far away is an enticing prospect and the creative minds at Walt Disney Imagineering are working tirelessly to ensure that our dreams come true.

The incredible team responsible for the animatronics aspect of the experience have unveiled this cool new behind-the-scenes video which reveals the evolution of one of their characters from animatronic to the fully interactive character of Hondo Ohnaka.

A1000 advanced robotics is the next evolution of the A100 Audio-Animatronic figures that were first introduced by Walt Disney Imagineering in the mid-1980s. This standardized system for building humanoid robotic figures incorporates new electric functionality, replacing former hydraulic functions, producing extremely realistic, lifelike movement. Future figures in humanoid form can all use this system to ensure the same degree of realism and advanced levels of movement.

The advanced figures that were developed for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge – like this animated figure of Hondo Ohnaka, as seen in the Star Wars animated television series – are a hybrid of A1000 technology enhanced with custom-built elements.

Walt Disney Imagineering | A1000 Advanced Robotics (Hondo Ohnaka)

How cool is this?!

If this is just a taste of what lies in store for us within Galaxy’s Edge, it’s safe to say we can look forward to an incredible adventure when the park opens to the public. Exciting times.


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Source: Walt Disney Imagineering


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