February 2, 2023
Top Five | Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Annlyel concludes her exploration of the Star Wars saga by selecting her top five moments from Rian Johnson’s divisive Star Wars: The Last Jedi

The Last Jedi is one of the latest movies to join the Star Wars franchise and while it may have divided fans and left quite a sizable portion of the Star Wars fandom upset I enjoy the film. In fact, I love it. Yes, there are some scenes that aren’t great but overall I love Rian Johnson’s decision to give us something new rather than something we’ve already seen before. So, here are the five scenes from The Last Jedi that I happen to love the most.
Top Five | Star Wars: The Force Awakens

5. Space Battle Over D’Qar

It can be safely said that The Last Jedi has a pretty epic opening sequence. Space battles are fantastic in this franchise and this is definitely one of the best ones to date. The intensity, the stakes, the emotion, Poe’s impressive aerial maneuvers, everything about this scene provides the viewer something to enjoy. And that’s why it’s one of my favorite parts of the movie.

Top Five | Star Wars: The Last Jedi

4. Rey Embraces the Lightsaber

While Rey used Luke’s lightsaber to defeat Kylo Ren at the end of The Force Awakens she still hadn’t found a connection with it…yet. And then, it happened. She began to spar with the ancient Jedi weapon, imagining the rock before her to be Kylo Ren. And at that moment Rey seems to truly find herself and the beginning of her evolution into a Jedi begins. I love this scene thoroughly, all the way to the humorous moment with Rey and the Caretakers. Great sequence.

Top Five | Star Wars: The Last Jedi

3. Kylo Ren Tells Rey the Truth?

After the intensity of the Praetorian Guard duel, it’s almost surprising to see that the movie’s emotional peak doesn’t stop as Kylo Ren then confronts Rey about her parents. We watch in sorrow as Rey learns that her parents were supposed “nobodies” who died long ago in the deserts of Jakku. Of course, I don’t think he was telling the truth and I have the proof but I’ll get to that in another post. All in all, this scene is part of the reason why The Last Jedi is one of the best Star Wars movies ever made.

Top Five | Star Wars: The Last Jedi

2. Kylo Ren vs Luke Skywalker

Before I watched The Last Jedi for the first time I was hoping that Kylo Ren and Luke Skywalker would somehow meet and when they did it was everything that I could’ve hoped for…and more. This scene is not only riveting but beautiful at the same time with the sunset backdrop painting everything in a gorgeous glow.

Every time this scene is on my eyes are glued to the screen, hence it’s my second favorite scene in the film.

Top Five | Star Wars: The Last Jedi


1. Is This Even a Surprise?

Whether you hated The Last Jedi or loved it I think it’s safe to say that the duel between Kylo, Rey, and the Praetorian Guards was one of the most epic moments in the entire franchise. The choreography is fantastic, the fact that it’s actually Adam Driver and Daisy Ridley performing the choreography is even more impressive, and the striking beauty of the set is stunning.
Top Five | Star Wars: The Last Jedi

So, that’s all ten Star Wars movies. I’ve had a blast sharing with you all my favorite scenes from this film and I can’t wait to eventually list my five favorite scenes for Episode IX.

May the Force be with you all.


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