January 28, 2023
Emma Watson Could Place a Stamp on the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Could Emma Watson make a surprise debut alongside Scarlett Johannsson in the MCU Black Widow movie?

Emma Watson is one of the most beloved actresses in the world, for she played for a decade long the fantastic role of Hermione Granger. Hermione is, and will always be, one of my favorite movie heroines for her outstanding charisma, her incredible smarts, and her unwavering heroism. When she was finished playing Hermione Granger she didn’t stop there.

Emma Watson - Harry Potter

She continued to make movies, finding new roles to shine in and expanding beyond the Harry Potter franchise. The first movie I saw her star in after the Harry Potter movies was Noah and for the most part, I thought she did a good job. There were moments when her acting had to be tested as she participated in emotional scenes that actually brought me on the verge of tears.

Emma Watson Could Place a Stamp on the Marvel Cinematic Universe

The second time I saw her in another starring role was for Beauty and the Beast where I was pleasantly surprised. I was shocked to learn that not only is she an amazing actress but that she could sing! Wow, didn’t see that coming. And then she did well enough in Beauty of the Beast where I didn’t see her as Hermione but rather appropriately as Belle.

Now, rumors are circling that Emma Watson may step into a new arena of her skill set as she potentially takes on a starring role in the action-packed Black Widow movie. Yes, you heard correctly. Emma Watson could star alongside Scarlett Johannsson in the Black Widow movie.

The Avengers | A Seven Year Comparison


That is so exciting! According to the rumors, her role in the film would be the equivalent to a “kickass female James Bond.” Um, AWESOME! We’ve seen Hermione as soft and sweet, fierce and heroic, but we’ve never seen her as a bona fide action star. I think it would be a great decision on Marvel’s part to add her to the cast of this film which we have been waiting nearly a decade to see.

Emma Watson Could Place a Stamp on the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Not only would it be an extra good choice for marketing the film but the thought of Scarlett Johannsson and Emma Watson as a super spy team fighting bad guys is too awesome to miss. Or maybe Emma Watson would be a villain. Ooh, that sounds cool too. Oh, the possibilities are staggering to think about.

I must remind you, however, that these are just rumors so don’t get your hopes up too high but if it’s true I am going to lose. My. MIND!


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